December 8, 2022

YouTube Shorts Hits 30 Billion Views Per Day

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YouTube’s Shorts clone recently hit 30 billion daily views, nearly four times the number of TikTok’s daily views. However, YouTube is not divulging how many of these videos are watched daily. With 1 billion monthly active users, the site would have 33 million daily views if every user watched only one video. However, this number is likely to be far lower, since many of these users watch several videos daily.

shopfiy admin

YouTube is testing advertisements in the Shorts section. YouTube hopes to make money off of these videos by adding advertisements. The company needs to consider how much time people spend watching short videos before launching advertising on the platform. For the moment, they aren’t monetizing the videos, but that may change soon. YouTube is planning to introduce advertisements in its Shorts, but it’s not yet clear how these ads will work.

The first step in monetizing your Shorts videos is to sign up for a paid platform. Uscreen is a great option for this. It pays you an average of $5000 per month and gives you more control over your income. YouTube has also announced plans to experiment with an ad revenue scheme in the Shorts shelf, but there is no guarantee of this happening anytime soon. To ensure your video’s success, you should always include the hashtag #shorts in your title and description, remove watermarks, and experiment with different lengths. YouTube also lets you make polls, which allow you to gauge your audience’s liking.

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