YouTube Setup For Beginners 2021

You might have seen many YouTubers doing very well on the platform and earning very handsome income through AdSense. I am reluctant to say that any one of you has not said I wish I can start my own YouTube Channel. Isn’t it?

But we have not started anything yet. Right? There might be many reasons! Some of them shall be afraid of facing cameras or high-end equipment needed to set up the YouTube Channel.

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There are some ideas on which you can work upon on YouTube without showing your face but a camera and good audio device must be required.

I have already shared one article on – Best Youtube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face in 2021

In this article we are going to help you to start your YouTube Channel and how to set up the channel for the beginners.

Choosing the Right Category

A category is all about passion you want to follow on your YouTube. It takes time to grow on YouTube and it requires persistence and consistency.

I still know some YouTubers who are constantly working and still they have not managed to achieve the fame which other YouTubers are getting in 1 or 2 years.

Choosing the right category plays a very important role on YouTube. The entertainment industry is at the peak but this is not the cup of tea for everyone.

You can select the category depending upon the competition and searching suggestion by the YouTube search engine.

Do what you love and do not get easily bored with it. Take this very seriously, Not just on YouTube but in life too. Choose your passion always

Equipment for YouTube Channel

To start your YouTube Channel you do need a high-budget camera or movie editing setup. Use your phone and start uploading on your channel.

Make sure to use the right time or right place for your video. I can see there are lots of cameras available on olx for sale and many of them are YouTuber’s who are selling them as they do not find it, what they are looking on YouTube.

Try with small and with available stuff. Slowly and steadily you will understand what is your channel requirement and what equipment suits you for the same.

Ideas For YouTube Channel

Follow the trend and be the hero. Catch the rhythm before it goes trending. You can get this trend when you are active on social media. Take the benefit of the trend and make a video related to it.

Recently, One ship known as Evergreen stuck in Suez Canal and many YouTubers who are from the Navy or merchant navy made a video regarding the same and you can see how many views are on their video on this topic and other videos they are uploaded.

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