December 8, 2022

Why Cha Cha Slide Is Going Viral With Google Microphone

cha cha slide

An amazing microphone can be seen with other effects when you search “Cha Cha Slide” in the google search engine.

Google actually celebrating the 20 years of Cha Cha Slide by giving a unique and ultimate experience to the users.

When you search the Cha Cha Slide in the google search bar you can see the YouTube Video with a big thumbnail on the number 1 rank with a microphone below the video.

When you click on this microphone lyrics of the song start playing like 2-3 words and then another thing comes up and you need to click on the symbol what next to come up to listen to the upcoming song lyrics.

While clicking on these things your screen also starts to dance and so do not worry about it.

The same thing also can be seen in the mobile version so do not miss the chance to experience unique features by Google.

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