Where To Do SEO Courses In 2021?

Search Engine Optimization generally known as SEO is a growing and competitive field. Many scholars get fascinated by SEO and how it works and they start planning to get an SEO job. SEO is a competitive industry but there is no doubt about the number of openings in the same field.

There are a number of jobs available in SEO from top level to junior level. But the first requirement of the Job is certification or internship before you apply for any job. Now the question arises how to find such an internship and course certification for the course.

In this article, We are going to share a few things from where you can get initial knowledge for SEO so that you can apply for any beginner level SEO job.

SEO Online Courses

Due to the corona outbreak, the online education industry has embarked on a new level for online distance education. There are hundreds of startups that have come up with the ideas for providing the online course via app or website.

There are platforms like Udemy and Coursera where you can enrol for such courses and improve your skills. Not just SEO they got courses related to all the fields. Sign up now and enjoy the benefits of these courses.

Some of the courses are free too on this platform. It is always better to learn for free, After that you can enrol for paid courses if you think you need more exposure.

YouTube Tutorials

YouTube is also the best and No.1 video sharing application worldwide. There are many creators creating content for you. Watch and learn from them to get basic knowledge of SEO.

There are experienced creators sharing their thoughts about SEO and digital marketing. Stay tuned with them to know the latest updates and news related to your skills. There is enough information available on YouTube to clear your interview for search engine optimization.

Stipend Internship

Internship is also the best way to gain good knowledge,live project experience and client handling. Moreover you are getting paid for your expenses. I know initially it is not going to make a difference when it comes to the stipend. It is a good thing to earn something instead of paying bulky fees to SEO training institutes and schools. 

Asking To Your SEO Friend

You can ask your friends who are already working in this field and reach out to them with a good offer to work under them. In return they will guide you and help you to complete the work and you get the opportunity to learn these things for free.


You just need to start from wherever you are, just search online and start the learning process. World is changing with digitalisation and there are huge opportunities in search engine optimization and digital marketing. You can follow our website – Bloggear for such articles.

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