December 8, 2022

What to Give a Godson for His Christening

what to give a godson for his christening

If you have come this far looking for a gift for your future godson or goddaughter, the first of all is to congratulate you. That means that someone very close has chosen you to be their baby’s godfather or godmother because you are a very special person for them. After the initial excitement, I suppose you have been struck by doubts about what to do, how to act, and what to give a godson for their christening.

The choice of this type of gift is complicated. We tend to look for a different, unique, special gift at the height of the celebration. As it is not an event that we attend very often, it is common to doubt what to give or how much to spend. Also, since the baby was born a few weeks or a few months ago, it already has enough things (and probably everything essential), which shortens the list of gift options for christening.

what to give a godson for his christening

But don’t be overwhelmed! With this post, we will help you find the perfect gift for your godson or goddaughter. It would help if you were clear about the characteristics you want to have and know where you have to look. So read on, if you’re going to be a godfather or godmother and you’re lost with the gift, we think you’ve come to the right place.

Characteristics of the Perfect Gift for a Godchild

To guide you a bit on what to give to a godson for his birthday, I think the main thing is to keep in mind the characteristics that this gift must meet to be the ideal one. I have mentioned some points which you can go through.

· It must be a personal gift. On the day of the christening, the baby’s parents will have their emotions “on the surface,” so with a gift that touches the grain, the success will be assured. · It must be a gift for the baby, who will ultimately be the honoree. But if it is also a gift that parents can now enjoy, all the better.

It must be original. As we mentioned before, it is easy that she already received many things at birth. For this reason, finding something with which to surprise your parents at the christening becomes more critical. · It has to be a very personal gift. The fact of buying something personalized makes it unique.

Gift Ideas for a Godchild for Their Christening

The most common gifts for christening are very varied. Some choose to give a jewel a gift, such as a bracelet, newborn earrings, or a silver pacifier holder. Another option is to give something for the christening day: the skirt, the shell, the candle … And other people choose to buy a toy or clothes for the baby.

These gifts meet some of the requirements on our list … But, if you are looking for a gift that meets every one of the characteristics of the previous list, this is our star gift proposal: the Baby Retrobox time capsule for babies from My Retrobox.

It is a personalized keepsake box with the baby’s name and birth (or baptism!) That contains different notebooks and albums to keep all the memories of his first months of life. The baby’s family and other close people are in charge of filling it; then, they close it for many years and, when the baby is an adult, they will give it to him again. Is it not exciting?

As you can see, this gift is emotional, original, personalized, and can be enjoyed by both parents and babies. And also, it will allow the newborn to know, in the future, what happened on the day of her baptism and who accompanied her. You will also know how were your first steps around the world and your first milestones. For us, the Baby Retrobox is the best option on what to give to a godchild for their christening.

We know first-hand that this time capsule will excite the baby’s family members and bring out the odd tear of emotion. But also, with it, you allow them to spend unforgettable moments with the family filling in all their notebooks and albums. And finally, this gift will be kept forever, while keeping a beautiful memory of the person who gave it to you.

When to Deliver the Gift?

Contrary to wedding gifts, which are usually recommended to be delivered before the wedding, nothing is written about christening gifts. In my opinion, if the celebration is not very crowded, I prefer to deliver them the same day of the christening. The more guests there are, the more difficult it will be to find quiet time alone with the parents to give them the gift, so the best thing, in any case, is to consult directly with the baby’s parents.

If you choose to give your godson or goddaughter the Baby Retrobox time capsule, we recommend taking it on the celebration day. The reason is that this way, the guests can begin to complete it, writing a dedication in the signature book and telling them anecdotes about the day of their baptism. Parents can also save an image of the baptism day in the photo album.

They can even keep a reminder of their baptism or the menu you ate on it. In this way, the Retrobox will help you know when you are older and how you celebrated the day of your baptism. For this reason, you can give them the gift on the same day of the christening, but you can also give it to the days before and suggest that they bring the signature book and some pens on the day of the celebration.

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