What is CTR and How Is It Check?

You are working around the clock to publish content on the website and building quality backlinks to rank for specific keywords but still not able to get desire traffic on your website? There might be a CTR problem you might be ignoring!

What is CTR in SEO?

Click through rate which is generally known as CTR is one of the important and major factors when it comes to getting clicks from the search result or impressions. CTR is the ratio of clicks divided by the impressions generated by the organic google search results.

Why CTR is important?

CTR plays a crucial role when it comes to getting traffic to our website. Most of the time we work on generating quality content, keywords analysis and working on SEO to improve ranking in the search results. However, we ignore how to improve our CTR score and gain more clicks from the organic results.

How to Check CTR of my Website?

This is a very easy and basic step to check the current CTR of your website. You can check this in a free tool known as a google search console, where you can check per URL impression and clicks. Which will give you an idea about the CTR and details of every URL of the website if it is indexed.

Google search console gives CTR ratio and shares the graph for impressions and clicks by which you can decide if there is any need to work on CTR or it is good. It will also share by which keyword your URL is ranking in the search engine or getting an impression from the search engine.

This is the best and free tool that is going to help you a lot to improve your CTR ratio.

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