Top 5 Must-Know Rise of Kingdoms Tips for Beginners

New to Rise of Kingdoms or just started playing? Then you will find these tips for Rise of Kingdoms absolutely important. Without them, you will be falling behind your enemies.

It’s always important to stay ahead of your enemies in terms of power, resources, and technology advancement. These top 5 Rise of Kingdoms tips will help you get on a steady pace to victory.

Here a few beginner-friendly tips that you should be doing to ensure the victory is in your sight.

Tip 1: Upgrade Your VIP Status to Level 6

Before you rush into the battlefield with your guns blazing, you need to upgrade your VIP Status to level 6 first. This is because at level 6, you will get a permanent second builder queue.

In the beginning you do get a couple of second builder’s queue tokens that will last you for a few days. But after that, you are back to one builder queue.

Any free-to-play players can get a second builder queue for free by investing their gems into upgrading their VIP status to level 6.

Tip 2: Never Solo Enemy Player’s City

This is one of the biggest game mistakes anyone can make in Rise of Kingdoms and warrants a must-know for beginners.

Never ever solo any enemy player’s city all by yourself. In Rise of Kingdoms, the defenders have the advantage of not dying on the battlefield. Instead if they get injured they will be healed in the hospitals.

While your troops will get killed on the battlefield and cost you a lot of resources and time to train new ones to replace them. New players often make this mistake thinking it’s like other mobile app games, but it is not.

Tip 3: Do Expedition Mode

One of your biggest assets to progressing in Rise of Kingdoms is Expedition Mode. Yet not a lot of players are taking advantage of massive free experience that they get on a daily basis.

If you complete many stages with 3 stars, you can collect experience tomes with a single click, plus rewards like tokens, legendary chests and even sculptures to upgrade your commanders.

The more stages you completed with 3 stars, the more experience books you get and the more commanders you can level up quickly in no time.

Tip 4: Specialized Commanders

Oftentimes I see players not stacking the right troops with specialized commanders. I mean, who stacks archer troops with a cavalry-specialized commander?

If you want to win your battles, minimize losses and take in more loot. You need to stack the right troops with the right specialized commanders.

This is because your troops will get a huge boost in damage, defense and health depending on the skills that the specialized commanders have.

For instance, you want to stack cavalry troops with Cao Cao, Attila, Takeda. For infantry, stack with Guan Yu, Alexander and Leonidas. Archers do that with Yi Seong Gye and Ramesses. You get the idea but you will win battles easily when doing them right.

Tip 5: Get the Growth Fund

A lot of players who got the Growth Fund which can be bought for $4.99 grew dramatically. It is one of the best packs in Rise of Kingdoms that gives you 81,000 gems and you can literally dump all of it into upgrading your VIP Status.

Compared to other gems packs, the Growth Fund is the most powerful, yet affordable pack for free-to-play players who want to turbocharge their city progression.

Basically this works when you reach a certain city hall level and you will get a huge pack of gems that you can spend on whatever you think you need. Majority of the players spent it on upgrading their VIP Status even further for more bonuses.


These are the top 5 Rise of Kingdoms tips for beginners. If you are looking for in-depth guides and want to learn more about commanders, talent builds / trees, civilizations and more. Check out the biggest Rise of Kingdoms guides on the internet.

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