Things You Should Know Before Your Start A Instagram Advertisement

Things You Should Know Before Your Start A Instagram Advertisement

Regardless of any event, birthday, office party,travel or any get together of our loved ones. We do not forget to take snaps and get them uploaded on instagram. 

When we are talking about the photos and snaps, Instagram ranks on the no.1 on social media platform. Being the no. 1 app it has become the top choice of advertisers and brands to promote their service and products via instagram advertisements.

Engagements with user or viewer is really high when it comes to following a particular account. There are some influencers who got a big fan following. With collaborating with them brands can expect a high ROI when they will follow Instagram ad guidelines

There are some traditional ways like google ads and pay per click for the advertisments but nowadays brands are shifting to Instagram and other social networking sites for paid promotions. According to the report, brands are getting higher ROI on Instagram over other traditional ways.

Why you should opt for Instagram Advertisment?

After instagram picked up by the facebook in 2013, Started to offer many services to their uses and one of them is “paid campaign” and other is “Advertisement services”. These services not just let account holder to promote their business but also helped influencer to grow their fan following and popularity.

The best and most important about the instagram advertisement is that it will provide you full insights about your campaign you are planning to carry out. It can give your brief and detailed information about the accounts you are targeting and how many people the Instagram ad has been engaged. 

Instagram Advertisment Costing?

When we are talking about costing, you can start your ad campaign form less than $2 but all depends upon following factors which are mentioned below:-

  1. It depends upon location you are targeting
  2. Depend upon uses and their age group
  3. Number of people you are targeting and many more things.

How To Create An Instagram Ad ?

To create an instagram you need to be creative, there are many online tools by using them you can create your ad in just 2 mins but you need to decide what things are you are going to focus. For example if you are planning to come with beauty service so most probably you are going to target women. Try to create an add with graphics which attract women. You can start with low cost services or package with high quality experience. 

What is the objective of your ad?

Before you start you should know what is the objective of your ad. You need to decide the goal of you ad, without a goal you are aiming for nothing. Goal gives your clear vision about your strategies and execution.

Decide the niche:

Its really very important to find the best and relevant niche for your article. Niche selection will help you to reach the relevant customer. A niche selected instagram advertisement can yield much better result as compared to the general ad. You need to choose the best and most viewed niche for your instagram ad.  

Setting Your Budget:

Coming to your budget,it should be planned in advance that how much money you want to spent on instagram advertisement. All brands have specific teams working for budgets only for social marketing. Advertisement plays very important role for company growth. Also it should be compared with benefits you are getting with the advertisement. 

Comparing Insights:

Last but not the least, always focus on the insights of the advertisement you are running on instagram. You need to check what types of user is spending more time on your ad. What is the age group of the people. According to you need to change the advertisement.

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