Technologies Giving a Semblance of Safety in the Crime Filled World

The proportion of crimes in the UK may not be the highest in the world, but the numbers are still equally terrifying.

Take a look at them to know what I am talking about.

In 2016, there were over 8,000 trespassing incidents in the UK, and during the lockdown, over 1,000 have been recorded.

2018-19, there were 422,000 robberies in the United Kingdom. Majority of them taking place during the peak hours of the day.

About 85,000 females and 12,000 males endure a sexual assault or rape in just one year. Imagine how many people become victims of this atrocity in a decade.

Looking at these numbers,

Can you possibly tell me that the world we live in is a haven?

Can you possibly tell me that we should not be extra cautious about our safety and the safety of our family?

Can you possibly tell me that getting loans for bad credit with no guarantor is unjustified to secure yourself through technology?

I am almost sure that the answer to all of these questions will not be affirmative. So, how does one secure oneself from the cruel world we live in.

We can start by securing our homes and ensuring that no one can harm us within the confines of a place that is the most pious to each one of us.

Here are four technologies that can help you in doing the same.

CCTV Cameras

CCTV stands for Closed-Circuit Television. It is the most common form of safety measure that both offices and homes take up.

A CCTV is a form of surveillance through video technology.

For this to work, all you have to do is install the cameras in places that are the blind spots for you and even the ones that aren’t.

Starting from the main entrance of your home to the back yard and the balcony, every place that can be a potential entry point for a criminal is where you must install a camera.

The feed from all the cameras will be shown on a television in a loop. Any form of suspicious activities will be known to you before it reaches inside your home.

Human Detection Sensors

Almost every camera has a blindspot, and the criminal minds are able to identify these spots and commit the crime they planned to.

To compensate for the camera’s weakness, technology has innovated human detection sensors.

This is a device that can detect the presence of a human in your home, when you cannot do the same.

There have been instances in the past when a robber has hidden in the front or back yard of the victim’s home. As soon as he comes out, even if it is to take out the rubbish, the robber has taken advantage of the same and entered the house.

With human detection sensors, the possibility of such a scenario is next to none, since they will be aware you of any criminal’s presence before anything tragic happen.

This device’s sensors are so powerful that even if your neighbour drops a pencil in your yard, you would be alerted about it.

High-Tech Locking System

Now, what if the criminal is so cunning so as not to get detected by both and lands himself on your front door without a hint of trace?

If your door locking system isn’t strong enough, then you might just become a victim.

Even if you are away from your home, it is going to be secure with this system.

The high-tech locking system is a magnum opus in the locking domain.

They are designed in such a way so that no one can break them.

  • Picking them like conventional locks is impossible.
  • Kicking them into the opening is another impossible task for the criminal.
  • Drilling holes into this lock to open it is will be not only tedious, but also implausible.

Getting past this formidable technology is not at all easy.

There are even locks keep on beeping continuously, until you put in a passcode upon entry, even if you opened it with a lock.

There are even locks that are connected with security companies. They will come to your rescue if there are also the minutest signs of tampering and disturbance.

Winding Up

Technology has aided us in keeping ourselves safe. Even a simple 999 call at the time of emergency is only possible because of technology.

Once people understand its importance in keeping us safe, there is a chance that crimes like break-ins and burglaries leading to murder will become unheard in the future.

Like it or not, these happen because we are somewhere a little frivolous about our home safety. We are constantly vigilant when we out outside the confines of home when inside it, we think that nothing wrong could ever touch us.

At last, I want to ask you a question,

Is there a difference between being positive and being realistic?

The answer will make you understand my point of writing this blog.

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