Tue. Feb 25th, 2020

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Swim In The Open Water With Your GPS / Garmin Unit

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Yeah, true: The Garmin is back, sweetheart. More than 7 years later, Garmin’s swimming watch finally grew to the second edition. So, ultimately, it’s just what you would find in a first Garmin 2019 swimming watch. In comparison to the last version, open water is now allowed to swim with GPS while the optical HR monitor on the back records / displays the heartrates in real time. It has everything you can find in every other Garmin watch, activity / sleep / stress / life monitoring. And even your sprint, your ride or your fitness training can be monitored.

  • You can also swim in open water swimming mode with a GPS multi-sport system with a special swiming capability (e.g. FR 920XT, etc.). The handle you use is pulled out of the water when the arm passes over the water surface, so it can capture the GPS signals and follow the route. The device is a multi-sport tool.
  • Sadly, if you are underwater in the breast, this is not the benefit because the arms are always immersed in the sea. That ensures that the update your GPS device can’t capture a pulse and it won’t monitor the distance.
  • If you have no GPS device with a particular swim mode, it means you can’t run your unit in water safely. (Details of the system test documentation)

Few things to think about

  • Make sure that you carefully read the guide.
  • Ensure that your unit is under your pool cap
  • Ensure that the bathing cap is not broken and that the system does not break.
  • A jump through dislodge your swimming cap into the initial rush from another competitor. Be vigilant during the introduction.
  • Use the unit in intelligent mode of recording.

Details about pool Swimming

  • On this one, we must actually leap into the water. Although the machine serves a total of five sports: pool swimming, open water swimming, cycling, mountain biking and cardio (indoor). Be mindful that you can use running, if you want to walk / walk, there is no practical difference between data fields or anything.
  • For swim in a pool, press the button at the top right and swim in a pool is the first option by far.
  • You will click it back and see the total pool volume, heart rate score, time, and then the range of choices on the waiting pad.
  • You have a bunch of things when you select options: activities, layout of the data panel, warnings, scale of the pool, recognition of strokes, start of the countdown, and rest. One by one I’m going to explain all of them.
  • Workouts will be first. Here you can run design workshops that are developed and then downloaded on Garmin Mobile / Garmin Connect mobile. Garmin said he made several changes for the launch of Swim 2, which add additional functionality that can now allow for more than two steps in a repeated block, and that nestled repeat blocks can also be allowed.
  • On the watch a personalized exercise is already available, the CSS test. I’ll speak more about it later, but basically they’ve just prepared a custom exercise. For a couple of preloaded workouts, I would like to see them pre-load a few more workouts close to what they are doing in the Vivo show.
  • Next to the choices is the personalization of the data sheet. It functions like any other Garmin watch, allowing you to personalize and install data pages. This can have five different data pages, including one “Drill Log,” one “Heart Rate Area” and the “Time / Date” tab. In all, this can use five data pites. Up to three data metrics can be found on every custom list.