Retreat To These Public Parks In Cebu City To De-Stress Yourself

Many aptly describe human dwelling as a concrete jungle! When you are living in a metropolitan city, all your eyes can see is the streets packed with buildings; busy roads; crazy traffic; and hasty activities of the people. The locals are consumed in their daily duties; way before the sun rises and late into the night.

Though we frequently plan a holiday to escape from this commotion, we underrate the public parks in our city that are ideal for costless mini-holiday, a quick escape to fully recharge your tired batteries within hours, and catchup with yourself, friends or family. The green spaces of parks do not alone contribute to ecological balance, but also signify the grave need to balance every element in your life.

Irrespective of being a resident or a tourist in Cebu city, if you feel the need for shaking off the weariness of the day, visit these Public Parks in Cebu city for instant rejuvenation.

  1. Plaza Independencia:

Located beside Fort San Pedro in M.J. Cuenco Avenue and Legaspi Extension, Plaza Independencia is a famous historical site, now functioning as Public Park in Cebu city. Formerly known as Plaza de Armas, it served as the official military training and a parade ground. The old acacia trees in the park hint at the existence of this plaza since the 17th century. In the center of the park rises an obelisk dedicated to Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, the first Spanish governor-general of the Philippines. Sprawling across four hectares, the plaza is dotted with green lawns, trees, ornamental plants, colorful flowers, and benches. There’s also a public skating circle in the plaza!

  • Fuente Osmeña Circle:

The remarkable icon of the Cebu city, a huge white fountain, is situated in the heart of the Fuente Osmeña Circle and is the main attraction of the park. All the early morning joggers are seen circling this green rotunda park. The shaded areas under the trees of this park are perfect for relaxing and marveling at the mighty fountain. This Public Park in Cebu cityis the preferred venue for special events, cultural programs, and social gatherings during Christmas and Sinulog festivals. Many hotels, malls, and fast food centers are found in the vicinities of the park.

  • The Terraces of Ayala Center Cebu:

What would you prefer after shopping? A cup of coffee? Food?  Or a place to chill out and stretch your tired muscles? Whatever be it, Ayala Center Cebu has got you covered. The outdoor park of ultra-modern Ayala Mall has a well-groomed garden adorned with fountains and elegant lighting arrangements. The landscape itself is so comforting and the terraces also house several coffee shops and restaurants. Shop in the mall, taste the delicious food items, and sip the varieties of coffees sitting beside the green patches in the park! Don’t hesitate to enter the park even if you are not visiting the mall, because The Terraces are like any other public park in Cebu city. You can just go there, sit back, and then move on!

  • D’ Family Park:

As the name suggests, D’ Family Park located in Talamban, is a popular picnic spot for families and also for friends’ groups. This man-made park administered by the Metropolitan Cebu Water District offers multiple recreational activities. The vast expanse of this park in Cebu city boasts a mini-zoo, swimming pool, a playground for children, a pavilion, and a multi-function clubhouse. There’s a picturesque lake in the park whose waters reflect the greenery around. Relax on the benches around the lake and click an instagrammable picture of the lake with trees in the background!

  • Senior Citizen’s Park:

Hidden behind the Cebu City Hall near the Santo Niño Basilica and Magellan’s Cross, Senior Citizens’ Park is one of the prettiest public parks in Cebu city. Although not expansive, the small park with Bermuda grass, palm trees, various plants, flowers, and a fountain in the center is quite alluring and perfect for an evening hangout. The establishment of this park by demolishing the previously existing Carbon Market warehouse is a part of a project aimed to beautify and revitalize downtown Cebu. Actually conceptualized for the seniors, this public park in Cebu city dearly welcomes people of all ages and is also furnished with benches and comfort rooms. The cute lamp posts set up along the green patches of grass glow in different colors at night lending a romantic aura to this park.

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Meta Description: The green expanses of public parks are a quick escape to get refreshed. Visit these Public Parks in Cebu city, which are not just about nature, but the history and culture of Cebu City.

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