Range of services of a construction company

Each construction company provides the widest possible list of services that are in demand in the urban, commercial, private sphere. When there is an urgent need to fulfil certain issues and invest in the allotted time, the most important task becomes the search for a General contractor, a partner who will assume the main responsibility and take care of the quality of the work performed. Below is a standard list of services.

Preparatory and general construction work

The first stage of construction of a building for any purpose is the preparation of the site. The company is clearing territories, preparing for the construction process, and disposing of garbage from the construction site. In addition, the construction of engineering networks, the construction of temporary roads, and additional utility rooms are among these works.
Next, the site is prepared for the start of construction work and free entry and exit of construction equipment is provided.


The second most important stage in construction is the construction of the foundation. The quality of buildings largely depends on the correct choice of the fundamental basis, work with the soil. The range of work that is being carried out includes soil compaction, construction of a soil cushion, work with heaving and subsiding soils.
If necessary, work is possible in marshy areas, saline soils, on landslide areas. Employees of the companies have a sufficient assortment of equipment and a staff of specialists to cope with the vertical layout, the development of various excavations that may be needed in the construction industry. They can easily be trusted with any type of earthwork.

Construction of reinforced concrete and concrete structures – Stonework

Specialists carry out the construction of monolithic reinforced concrete and concrete structures. Reinforcing and formwork are also carried out. The range of activities includes the installation of reinforced concrete and concrete structures. Specialists in their work will take care of the quality of each stage of work, which is tracked throughout the work on the project.


The construction company carries out roofing works using various materials. Roofing from rolled material, from emulsion-bitumen composition, polymeric materials, will be performed with the proper level of quality. Each building needs its own type of roof, so if you have doubts about the correct choice of material, information can be clarified by specialists.
Sometimes, as a roof, piece materials or metal sheets are used. Whatever the material, the task of professionals is to do the job flawlessly.


This list of works includes landscaping, the arrangement of sports facilities, construction and repair of pedestrian crossings, driveways, sites. Employees of the company will assist in any type of improvement of a commercial, private, public site.

General contract

General contracting is the best opportunity to do a lot of work right away. Do not flatter yourself that one construction company can perform all the necessary work in a short period of time. Most often, various specialists are involved, over whom control is needed. The general contractor is the person responsible for the quality and timeliness of work. Real professionals worry about you!

Finishing work

The company performs exterior and interior decoration of buildings. This may be tiling, installation of suspended ceilings, rough and fair wall decoration, design of facades. Specialists will make sure that your object turns into a comfortable and cosy room.

Communication device and external engineering networks

This category includes the construction of wells, trays, heads, and installation of fittings. Creation of a water supply and sewer network, and other communications.

Transport construction

Large construction companies carry out the construction of roads of I – II categories, III – IV categories, construction of highways of city significance, secondary roads. The category of work includes soil preparation, foundation construction, installation and fixing of the coating.

Asphalting roads

Companies are engaged in the asphalting of roads of various types. Thanks to the availability of special equipment and qualified employees, construction companies can pave the inaccessible sections of roads. The scope of work also includes major and minor road repairs of various types of complexity—arrangement of asphalt pavements on the territory of any area, patching of tracks.

Construction company services

If necessary, laying of paving slabs, construction of the base from gravel, sand, installation of onboard road stone is possible. The final stage of work is the disposal of construction waste and waste.

Last words

Construction companies offer not just a range of services, but reliable cooperation and the solution of a range of your questions. Do not hesitate to search on the internet to see the range of services offered by the construction companies in your region.

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