December 8, 2022

Planning to Open an Online Book Club? Complete Guide To Start An Online Book Club.

Book reading online club

Online Book Club is something that is gaining attention of millions of book lovers around the globe. The Introduction of online book club is not something that people were familiar with before the improvements in digitization.

As soon as we have started gaining from digitization and going forward to include everything through digital means, our taste and choice have also started to become advance.Still some people like to read books in paperback form.But nowadays people from mostly young generation is taking interest in online book reading club. And that is the reason why we see many online book clubs have been created every day to accommodate the needs of such voracious readers.

Most of the readers are running or involved in the conventional clubs where they used to meet personally and exchange paperback books with each other but with the change of time, Now Book Club owners are taking these exchanges to another level i.e Online book club.

An Online book club is a kind of a virtual club where users can Log In and read books of their choice either individually or in groups as well. We will understand more about how it works and what are the steps to create it online.

Why do we need an Online Book Club?

If you are digging your head in the question as to why you need an online book club when you can read it easily in the paperback form. Well, here is the answer. You cannot only get good print quality but also get better info graphics and images like GIF to enhance your quality of reading as well as immense knowledge.You can also save your time which you waste while going to the market and searching for the specific book If you are a regular reader, then there must be a number of books which remain untouched after reading once and they take unnecessary space in your bookshelf.

Some of the benefits of being a member of an online book club :-

  • It helps you to choose the best book from your choice of genre.
  • It lets you socialize with people and share your ideas,thoughts and online books with each other.
  • It helps in enhancing reader experience with its portability to fit in mobile screens as well.
  • Many sites provide free membership to people which makes the reading even more interesting.
  • Its save your time and money, which involved in the choosing a paperback book and getting it from the book shop or from any friend.

Steps to start an online book club :-

  1. Market And Audience Research :- If you are opening a book club then you must be well prepared to understand the needs of your preferred audience group. Firstly you must think of which age group members are targeting.If you want kids to be the part of your online book club then you must keep such books that excite kids. Likewise, If you want to target the adult age group then you must choose from various genres which include fiction,romance,thriller etc. Also, you must do market research about your target audience as to which kind of book they would prefer. If you want you can also take help from various online surveys to understand your audience’s needs. You must also not overlook other online book clubs and how they are operating the same to gain some more knowledge and processing of the book club you are going to open. To conduct market survey you can use social media platforms i.e Instagram, Faceebok stories to get the opinion of your audience. For paid version you can use google pay per click to get your desired result.
  2. Platform For Connecting :- The next step to the creation of the online book club is where do you want to set it up. It is good to to set up the online book club in some social sites like facebook but if you want you can also set up on website or online book forums, as per your convenience. For e.g. Goodreads, Where a member can add books to their personal account, rate and reviews the already uploaded books, Can participate in group discussion,blog comments,surveys,polls etc and also you can add friends here to check their book portfolio. What they are currently reading and supposed to read in future. Initially you can start with Facebook, by creating a group and inviting your friends and appointing an admin/moderator to help things run more smoothly.And you must also make it attractive enough so that your readers find the platform exciting to search for the books and read them. You can also use software or online platform like Bookclubz and bookeclub to set up an online book club. These platforms are one stop of all the resources you are looking forward to start an online book club
  3. Interface :- One more thing that you must keep in mind is that you should create the online book club in a way that it remains all device friendly. It should not be the only people with a desktop or a laptop would be able to access your site and it won’t be accessible for the ones using a tablet or a mobile phone. You must make the platform with such an interface that remains all user-friendly. You can take the help of any SEO expert or website designer to check the accessibility of your interface in all devices.
  4. Books/Content For Online Club :- Your e-books and content should be ready before you start an online book club. You can also download e-books from other free websites like Openlibrary and Bookboon but make sure to check these books do not have copyright claim.When you create an online book club it remains open to the members and anyone with access can read books from the online platform. Sometimes it can happen that a member doesn’t get a book he or she is searching for. In Instances like these, one can ask the other members to upload the book into the club group for other members to read and vice versa.
  5. Invite and Referral :- When you are done with the book and contents selection procedure, you must start inviting members to be part of your group. You can start with your friends and family and ask them to invite and refer theirs to expand the members. This way you can get many members within a short span of time.
  6. Marketing and Promotion :- When more and more members join your group, then you should start promoting it more so that people get to know about your online book reading club in an enhanced manner. For example you can start with giveaway schemes of books.You must use every active platform possible like social sites, referral policy. It can be paid or free depending upon your budget. This is a very important step for the growth and development of your online book club.
  7. Membership Plan :- There are two things that you can do when after all the above things are done. Like if you want to keep the membership plan free or you want to charge it. It is better to keep it free for the initial stages and later on start charging any affordable membership fee from the members. You can choose from monthly to yearly long/short term plans as per your target audience’s requirements.
  8. Reviews/Suggestions :- When you get more members in your online reading club, start asking the readers for their reviews and suggestions. Create some survey forms to be filled by the readers and ask for their recommendations as well. This will work in your favor as you will get to know your readers well. Be prepared for both positive and negative comments at the same time.
  9. Group Discussion :- If you read comments in group discussion of club members, You will get to know what is trending among the members and what they are looking forward for reading. It gives you overall insights of your online book club.
  10. Reviewing :- This is the last and most important step to look after setting up online book. You should review your strategies once you applied them and do the required changes as per desired goals. Most people do not focus on this step, It’s really very important to keep a review on every move you make for the growth of book club.


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