News About Google Link Spam Update 2021

Google always wants to provide the right information to the user when it comes to surfing the internet. There are many good websites that always try to answer the questions asked by the user. But there are few websites that generally try to rank in the google search engine on the basis of spammy links and providing zero to none content on their site.

The main focus of Google is to rank good websites which are providing good and quality content and users do not have to search more about the topic. That means the user does not have to visit multiple websites in order to get the full and right information.

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Google Updates

To rank the best website for the searched keyword is always the priority for Google and to maintain the same, Google always tries to update their algorithms, which is also very necessary from the user point of view.

Websites that do not follow the rules set by Google get penalised and suffer the drop-down in ranking in search engines.

Google Spam Link Update

Google search central initially informs about the update and shares the processing time for the update. It was 2 weeks but eventually, it took more time than that.

This update was officially completed on 24th August 2021 and there is no surprise if we can face the same update in future from the google.

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