December 8, 2022

NEAR NATURE: 6 Loveable Reasons Why You Won’t Regret Having a Balcony Garden at Home

It’s always a great idea to fill your home with a touch of nature, so you will feel nature from the couch of your home. 

Owning a garden in your abode is one of the best ways to never forget how close you can be to Earth’s spectacular delights. It requires a lot of concern and effort to begin and maintain one, so being responsible and careful is truly a must. 

A big consideration which you should look into as a homeowner with a garden is the location where you will set it on. Being wise and smart is important to know where the most ideal stretch is, so your plants will grow rigorously, and you will have a favorable time as a plant parent.

Many do not realize it, but the balcony is actually one of the nicest house spaces to put up a garden. It’s obviously not the typical gardens, but it sure is a uniquely beautiful and agreeable choice. You might think that your balcony is not very spacious to be used as your plants’ haven, right? Well, awesomely, it does not eliminate the good stuff that a balcony garden can give you!

Thinking of where to situate your garden at home? Go for the balcony! If you are still thinking twice about launching your very own, you better keep reading to know why you WILL NOT REGRET having a balcony garden at all! 


Your friend’s balcony in her apartment is dusty and filled with unused pails. Your uncle’s balcony is a dirty storage for finished glass wine bottles. Your neighbor’s balcony is nothing but a plain idle room. How about yours? 

In many cases, balconies are taken for granted when in fact, they are a serviceable house segment. Some are left vacant; some are filled with trash. Meanwhile, most balconies are only used as a “breathing” place when the owner wants to sniff some fresh air or to see the sun rise and set. While that’s pleasant, there’s a more productive way to utilize your balcony, and it’s with a garden. 

Definitely, with a garden on it, your balcony will be more appreciated and valued as it deserves. Instead of being neglected and empty, the space becomes more useful and advantageous. You and your guests will enjoy visiting it. With lives of plants, flowers and even fruits and veggies in the garden, your balcony will be more lively and loved.


Plants cannot just be placed wherever you want. They must be where they need to be.

The balcony is a friendly spot for your plants. Yours might have an awning or a canopy, but still, the flowers and plants can properly receive sunlight since they are not completely roofed. The balcony is an outdoor space connected to indoors, so your plants can safely reach for their nutrients without walls and roofs hindering them while they are not being wholly exposed. That is the much-needed balance!

Not to mention, it’s windy up there, so seedlings are helped to be more nourished and firm when they grow. Healthy air circulation and accessibility is essential for strong plant growth and development. Fungus and mold are prevented too. You just have to make sure that on days when the wind blows too harshly, keep your plants safe and covered.  

When you have a balcony, you don’t have to store all your plants inside the house and just beside the windows all the time. Rather, you can use it as their own turf where they can freely photosynthesize and cultivate.


A balcony is accessible only through a specific room in your house. That means it cannot be entered from anywhere else unless you take that room’s door. 

The problem of many homeowners with backyard gardens, patio vegetable gardens and house-front flower patches is the invasion of crawling pests and animals. In some countries, groundhogs, racoons and squirrels are ruining lovely gardens. More common among all countries are stray cats, dogs and rats to name some. Now, if you have a balcony garden, you will not experience the stressful actions of garden-wrecking animals such as the ones previously mentioned.

Furthermore, humans, especially strangers, won’t be able to touch, grab or play with your plants since the balcony is a privately traversable part of the house. Unlike lawns which can be seen by passers-by, balcony gardens can be for your eyes only as you desire. There will neither be naughty kids who will step on your vegetable beds, nor adults who might steal pots or pick your flowers. You will not fear that unknown people will harm or walk away with your darlings.

Since this balcony garden is not on the ground, is elevated or on a high floor and within personal reach, those ground animals and those strangers will not have even the slightest chance to approach your plants. You can shield them well!


Another obstacle for garden owners is natural phenomena —  rains and storms in particular. When the skies are crying too hard, expect affected areas to be flooded. It poses tremendous worry and inconvenience for people who have their plants on the ground, especially outdoors.

Although plants need water, floods are dangerous and damaging for them. They get drowned, weakened, broken and washed away by flood waters. When the storms cease and the floods subside, you see the aftermath of the inclement weather to an originally peaceful backyard garden. It’s saddening.

This is where a balcony garden comes very relieving and worthwhile. Knee-high floods will not be able to reach and destroy any of your plants. Though your plants will receive rain, floods won’t get to them. 

You can relax better without having to be troubled for your dear plants’ lives. Moreover, there will be less cleaning up and no replacements to be done after the storms.


A plain and simple balcony can be transformed to a stylish and colorful one. 

If you wish to make your balcony a resting spot or a creative personal corner, you can place your plants together with all your other items and furniture. Even within the small or average space of a balcony, you can set up some cosy chairs or beanbags, some dazzling string lights and some wall decorations. Don’t forget the flowers and plants on your balcony garden to do the magic!


You love to witness the gorgeous skyline from your balcony. It comforts you to feel the warmth or coldness of the natural air. You adore the vastness of the views from up there. But all these and more will be extra special and enjoyable with a garden that makes your balcony feel more refreshing and caressed by nature.


If you are still planning to have your dream house built or if yours is now under construction, know that having a balcony is something profitable in so many ways. Being able to tee off a garden on it is just one of them! That’s why you should tell your custom home designers and new home builders immediately, so they can help you make it happen without problem!  

No doubt, having a house where you can eat and sleep is one thing, but having a house that makes you feel at home and at ease is another. With well-thought choices and decisions, you can convert your simple and dull-looking house into one that’s embraced by nature’s grace. 

A balcony garden is something that will complete your brightest days and relieve you even in the darkest ones. Without having to step away from your house, you can be near nature all the time.

Nicole Ann Pore is the writer of this article

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