Midea Air Conditioner Review

Midea has launched a wide variety of products in India and one of the most debatable questions on the internet is about the performance of Midea company products more specifically air conditioners because the price they are offering is very low on the online e-commerce platform Like Flipkart and Amazon.

Price Difference

When we compare the price of Midea AC with other air conditioners available online we found a difference of around 30-40 %.Most online buyers start doubting the performance and efficiency of Midea AC after coming to know the low price of the AC. How come they are selling  the same specification machine at very low prices.

All About Midea

Before talking about the products, Let’s talk about  the Midea company. Founded in 1968, Midea is an electrical appliance manufacturing company. Midea has been listed in Fortune Global 500 in 2016. Midea produces home care appliances and has a long history of producing HVAC products.

Initially they used to supply spare parts to different air conditioning companies all around the world. It is considered that every 3rd AC in the world has been equipped with the spare of midea. 

Now they are producing their own air conditioners for both commercial and residential application. Starting from the Window AC, Split AC, Cassette AC, Ductable AC and most advanced HVAC technology VRF they got everything under their brand name. They are supplying their products all around the world.

Efficiency and Cost 

Midea air conditioner prices fall under the budget of every middle class family who are planning to buy an air conditioner in this scorching summer.They are offering very good prices, On Amazon and Flipkart Sales Offers you can get an extra discount during festive seasons. You can check prices on amazon and flipkart by clicking here Check Prices on Flipkart”. 

Talking about efficiency, These machines are much efficient and reliable. You can check the technical HVAC specification of this machine and compare it with other air conditioners available online.

We are considering a technical specification of 1.5 TR Midea Split AC Fixed Type Machine with 3 Star Rating.

S.no Technical Specification
1. Cooling Capacity 5100 W
2. Compressor Rotary
3. Refrigerant R-32
4. Condenser Coil Copper
5. Power Consumption  1436 W
6. Filter AG + Nano Filter

Advantages Of Buying Midea Air Conditioner 

Midea air conditioner offers best features in their AC products and they are now considered to be the best AC selling brand in India with lowest prices. Let’s talk about some of the advantages and benefits of Buying Midea Air Conditioner.

Joint Venture With Carrier

Midea has joined with the Carrier (Pioneer of Air Conditioners) to launch their product all over the world. This means Carrier is going to provide sales and service support to Midea AC. Carrier is a reputed name in air conditioning and known for their best services. 

So there is no need to worry as Carrier is going to take care of all service, maintenance and spare part needs of Midea AC.

Low Cost

You are getting a well efficient machine at very economical prices. On festive season prices are even to 10-15%. There is no alternative available for this Air Conditioner under this budget with such a reputed brand image.

Technical Specification 

As we have already compared the technical specification of the machine. You can compare it  online with any other AC and check the difference.

Midea air conditioners are efficient and best in the HVAC industry.

Low Power Consumption

Midea Air Conditioner has low power consumption which is around 1.5 W roughly. That means your AC is going to consume only 1.5 Units per hour for 1.5 TR AC.

Check Reviews

You can check reviews of Midea AC online on any platform without any doubt they are rated over 4 out of 5 on every online platform that shows customer satisfaction and performance of the machine.

Even on flipkart every model of Midea AC has scored over 4 rating. That shows consistency and average rating of AC Machines.


These factors indicate how Midea AC are gaining the AC Market and providing the Low Cost AC to the users without compromising the quality. So what are you waiting for, Get this summer Midea AC for your sweet home and offices.

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