December 8, 2022

Leonard Francois : Facts and Biography

Leonard Francois

You might be aware of the successful achievements of two sisters Naomi and Mari Osaka on the tennis court. Do you know how things worked for them at an early stage? The reason is “Leonard Francois” , father of the two daughters.

Leonard Francois

Leonard Francois, a former tennis player recognized the talent possessed by his daughters and then he helped both of them in the right direction. With his dedicated efforts and consistent performance of Naomi Osaka, she managed to beat her opponent or you can say her idol “Serena Williams” in 2018 US open.

Apart from training his daughters, Leonard Francois is an ideal father who has his own story which we decided to unfold in this article. There are some unique and interesting things about Leonard’s marriage, early life and life which he dedicated to tennis.

Age Of Leonard Francois

He has always kept his personal life private and there is very less information available on the internet. It is suspected that he was born in 1980 which means he is 40 years old as per now. As the correct date is not known so it’s hard to find the zodiac sign of Leonard Francois.

Dark brown eyes and short black hair makes his personality more dashing. His physique and fitness level is on another level.

Personal Life 

Leonard Francois married Tamaki Osaka. She is from Japan. They both are parents of two beautiful daughters Naomi and Mari Osaka and both of them are now tennis sensation. Leonard was very clear about his decision to teach and train both of his daughters on the tennis court. You can see his dedication and efforts are bringing fruitful results now.

Training of Daughters

After relocating to the United States in 2001.He started executing his plan to train his daughters. In 2006 they again relocated to Florida to get better training and desired results. This was the time when both of her daughters had a great time on tennis court.

Inter-Racial Relationship

When Leonard and Tamaki married in Japan, Inter-racial relationship was not given acceptance in the society. Tamaki Parents were not different from society. Her parents actually disapproved of her relationship with Leonard Francois. It was only possible after 15 years when Tamaki Osaka returned to Japan with her daughters.

Japan Connection

Mari and Naomi Osaka many times faced the question like “ Do they want to represent Japan on an international level?” and they always said “Yes”. They are very much influenced by Japan’s traditional culture and they love Japan. Leonard Francois was sure about this issue and he always wanted her daughters to represent Japan.

Another factor which also supported this decision was the US tennis association. Who hardly supported the sisters in their training programmes.Therefore they are more inclined towards Japan.

As per the sources, at the age of 22 Naomi Osaka gave her American citizenship.

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