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As we enter the next decade, digital marketing will continue to change. Social media, for example, will be a key part of your digital marketing strategy. Video, podcasts, and livestreaming will be the most popular forms of content on social media in 2022. While Facebook has stayed on top, LinkedIn is poised to become more influential and will serve as a platform for influencers to amplify their voices. Influencers will emerge as the new face of digital marketing, with fewer but more dedicated followers.

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Account Based Marketing

In the next decade, the most exciting developments will be in the realm of account-based marketing. This new type of marketing will personalize messaging for companies, and target decision-makers. This approach is expected to lead to higher ROI than other types of digital marketing, especially when selling to large corporations. Millennials and generation X are among the biggest trends in marketing, and a search on Google for “millennials” will return 129 million results.

Another digital marketing trend to watch for is the rise of mobile-first marketing. While email marketing has long been popular, the proliferation of mobile devices is forcing brands to look elsewhere for their digital marketing strategy. Brands are turning to push notifications to get the attention of their customers, and more than half of consumers are allowing these types of messages. It’s worth your while to keep up with the latest trends and ensure your business is on top of the digital marketing game.


In addition to email campaigns, chatbots are another popular form of automation. With chatbots, brands can instantly respond to questions and provide 24-hour support to customers. Chatbots have been predicted to save businesses $8 billion by 2022. Video is another new trend in digital marketing that offers many benefits for businesses. Apart from being an effective way to showcase products, it is also affordable and offers the highest conversion rates. It also helps to build a relationship with customers.

AI-powered video content is a hot topic on social media, and the recent Covid pandemic has only increased its popularity. With webinars replacing face-to-face events, video content is now a regular part of any digital marketing strategy. Automation is the key to the future of digital marketing. Manually optimizing content is time-consuming and fraught with speculation. Automated video marketing is a smart move.

Location Based Audience

In the year 2022, location-targeting mobile ads will be all the rage. Designed to serve location-based ads to consumers, location-based mobile ads are expected to exceed $32 billion by 2023. AR and VR will also be hot trends in 2022. AR and VR technology is transforming the world of advertising. Brands are creating 3D models of products and offering tours of their facilities. As VR technology becomes cheaper and more accessible, smaller businesses can participate as well.

Voice search is another important trend in digital marketing. Amazon, Google, and Siri all launched voice search assistants in 2016, making voice control a popular method of searching. This change in consumer behavior is driving the shift towards AI voice assistants. By 2022, it is predicted that 55% of U.S. households will use voice-enabled devices. Voice search will account for about half of all Google searches. This trend will only continue to increase.

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