How to Report a YouTube Channel

YouTube is one of the best and largest video streaming platforms in the world. Every minute 500 hours of content is uploaded on YouTube. There are millions of creator content for the audience.

The good thing about YouTube is versatility, you can easily find the content of any category on YouTube by just typing the right keywords in the search bar.

Quality and the right content come with the price. There are hundreds of videos also available on YouTube which make no sense as per the title or giving fake/wrong information. Now, what can you do for such videos? YouTube gives the opportunity to report such videos or channels in order to provide the best experience to the user.

YouTube Guidelines for Content Creator

YouTube is very strict about the community guideline and they make sure to delete such channels which are not adhering to the community guidelines of YouTube.

Some of the content which are against the guidelines are mentioned below:

Sex and Nudity



Harmful and Dangerous


Child Safety

Violent Criminal Organization

Sale of Illegal or Regulated Goods and Services

If you are also planning to start your YouTube Channel then you are advised to go through the guidelines and try to avoid making videos on such topics. You can also check our blog on YouTube Setup for beginners 2021 to start your YouTube Channel. 

Recently YouTube is also keeping an eagle eye on the content related to the COVID-19 because there are many videos that are providing the misinformation. It is always advised to go through what to follow and what not to follow while creating content for YouTube.

Reporting a YouTube Channel

YouTube gives the opportunity to the viewer to report a Channel or video which are not following the guideline or sharing the fake information on the platform.

You can easily report such channels and videos and YouTube will cross-check the same and delete it from the platform if the claim is found to be illegitimate.

Now the question is how to report a Channel or Video which are not following the guidelines. Here is your answer.

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