How to Increase Organic Traffic: 9 Best Way to Get Traffic

The most challenging part of any business to get the leads from the market for their product and services. It’s not easy to get foot fall unless you are the best in the field or providing extraordinary services to your customer. Same is the scenario with the websites, it’s very easy to create one but the hardest part is to bring traffic on the same.

In this article we are going to talk about the Best 9 way by which you can get organic traffic on your website for free of cost. You just need to follow these steps regularly to keep the rhythm. Organic traffic not a one-day show. It takes time but these are the best and effective ways of getting traffic.

1.Need to understand the user

First you need to understand the consumer or user who are searching online. We need to put ourselves in their shoes. We need to focus on the keywords they are looking online.

For example, If you are a seller of computers online, To be in the top of the google result you need to search what computers are buyer looking online. You can take help from google and free keyword planner to search keywords. 

2. Posting Regularly

Posting regularly is the best way to hook up the consumer online. More is the quality content online more is the traffic as simple as that. 

Posting regularly gives you the advantage over the competitors. You have to focus on the quality and you should take help of most searched keywords online.

3. Backlink Generation

Backlinking is considered to be the best and most important way to improve organic traffic and domain authority of the website.

You need to comment and give your website link to other relevant websites of your niches. This can be done by Quora, Blog commenting or guest posting.

4. Unique Keywords

As discussed in the first point, you have to find out the keywords which your users are searching online. You need to find out these keywords and use these keywords in your content.

You should focus on unique keywords and long tail keywords so that your content can be searched online.

5. Work On Meta Title

Meta title and description has to be crisp and match with the content. You can use many SEO free tools which can rate your meta title score and description out of 100 points.

By checking the meta title user is going to click on your website, so treat this as important while publishing the content.

You can use Yoast plugin to optimize these two things.

6. High quality content

Before you start writing the content, do your broad research and write high quality content. You can take help of content writers available online.

There are many freelancers who can work for you, if you do not have time for writing the content.

7. Create Internal Links

Create internal links of your website inside the content. It will help your website to retain users on the same URL and improve the session time of the user which will help in google ranking.

Too many links are also very harmful for the website.

8. Use Social Media Platforms

There are millions of people scrolling on social networking sites. Promote your content and provide links to your website to get referral traffic from social media.

9. Insights and Analytics

Keep an eagle eye view on the insights and analytics of your website. Google analytics is the best and free tool you can use to check your user information and act accordingly.

For instance, you can check from where you are getting traffic and you can focus on more on that platform to promote your website. 

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