How to develop an on-demand video streaming app like Netflix

Media streaming applications witnessed a sudden spike in recent years in terms of user engagement. Video streaming is an excellent source of income, especially for an app like Netflix. People are attracted to the content on these platforms and pay for subscription packages on a monthly/annual basis. Initially, the providers offer a trial period, after which they will charge based on the package the user chooses. Since Netflix is a global provider, entrepreneurs who plan to get into this sector aim to replicate their success.

There are several on-demand video streaming apps on the market, and a few of them have successfully claimed their spots in the top tier. Amazon prime video is one of the most popular streaming services worldwide. Since Amazon owns it, people will get other services like unlimited access to Amazon music, Kindle, and faster deliveries on their platform for every subscription. It has risen to the top tier in less than five years of its launch.

Fox and Disney launched Hulu in 2008, and it included a package for live TV streaming. Customers also had the option to choose an ad-free subscription, and it became one of the largest on-demand media libraries in no time. Over the years, more number of similar apps have started to pop up around the world. If you are planning on entering this sector with an application of a global scale, you will be going head-to-head with these apps. Every app on the market owns its audience and continually offers unique content to keep them engaged. So if you want to attract their audience, you will have to provide more than just the basic features.

Primary attributes of a Netflix clone app:

Here are the key features that are essential for every on-demand video streaming app. They are responsible for the proper functioning of the app and to offer a good user experience.

User registration:

The users should register their account to access the content on the platform. They can register with their email address or phone number and start their trial account. It will expire after a period of thirty days, and the user will have to choose a subscription pack to continue watching. Some providers also offer multiple users for each account so that each user will get personalized content.

Search filters:

It is necessary to add a robust search filter on the platform as users will continuously keep searching for new content. They will prefer to search for content with particular criteria like genre, cast, director, year, production house, etc. Search filters can make it easier for users to explore more content effortlessly.

Multiple payment methods:

Unlike other on-demand service apps, video streaming apps cannot have a pay on delivery option. Every transaction made by the users will be carried online, and so it is crucial to have a secured payment gateway on your app. Including multiple payment methods on your platform will make it easier for customers to pay without much effort. Ensure that your app supports credit cards, debit cards, UPI, PayPal, net banking, etc., to enhance the user experience on the platform.


The in-built artificial intelligence on the app will ensure that customers will get personalized content on their feed. Apart from that, the users will be sent regular notifications about the release of a new movie or episodes for a TV show. The admin team should also ensure that the users are regularly updated about the latest subscription packages, offers, and rewards. The users can be notified via emails, SMS, and push notifications. It is also an effective way to remind users about the validity of their package.

Analytical tools:

The admin team will have an analytical to monitor the user engagement on each content. It can be an effective way to collect user data and offer personalized content on their home screen. The recommendation list in every users’ account will be updated based on their viewing pattern.

Sharing videos:

The users can also share the video with their friends and family. A link for the video will be generated, and upon clicking it, the user will be redirected to the platform. The social media plugins will make it easier to share it directly on the users’ social media accounts.

Customized media players:

Every app will have a built-in media player to watch videos, but some providers offer the option to play videos on an external media player. People prefer third-party video players for their immersive user interface and intuitive features.


Every registered user can recommend the platform to their friends and family. They can share their unique code to refer to others, and every time a user joins the platform with their referral code, unique rewards will be provided to the existing user.


The users should be able to see their watch history on the platform. Every video they have watched since day one should be made available for them to access anytime.

Review and ratings:

The users can rate and write reviews for titles on the platform. This option will be an effective way for other users to learn more about a title before watching it. Other users cannot make any changes to reviews, as it will be completely transparent.

Importance of exclusive features:

Apart from the basic features mentioned above, you should also try adding exclusive features on your platform. Get a Netflix clone script to explore boundless possibilities of customization options and will be cost-effective. Get in touch with a professional development team to explore the full potential of the industry.

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