How To Delete WordPress Comments in Bulk?

If you are trying to remove a large amount of spam comments from your website, you can manually delete each one of them. If you want to use WP Bulk Delete to do this, you should select all kinds of comments and click the ‘Delete Comments’ button. Then, click the ‘OK’ button to confirm the process. Your site should then show a success message. Once the process is complete, you can go ahead and delete the rest of the comments on your site.

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Using Plugin

There are several plugins for WordPress that can be used to delete comments in bulk. Xylus Themes’s plugin offers several options for mass deletion of WP comments. You can also choose to delete individual comments or multiple comments at the same time, if you wish. Using phpMyAdmin, you can easily change bulk actions to trash. This will remove all the spam comments from your site. Once the bulk deletion process is complete, your website will be free of unwanted comments.

Do Not Forget To Take BackUp

Before deleting comments, you should create a backup of your site, in case you have to restore them. Moreover, you should install the latest plugins for WordPress if you are having trouble with this process. Fortunately, there are many free plugins for WordPress that allow you to delete comments in bulk. The Xylus Themes plugin, for example, allows you to edit comments in bulk. You can even add a new comment to your site if you want to.

Another way to delete comments is to disable recent comments in your WordPress account. By disabling new posts, you can keep only the most recent ones. This will also prevent spammers from spoiling the experience of your visitors. If you want to delete all the comments, you can do so in three ways: from the comment menu, the trash, and the admin dashboard. To disable comments on new posts, click on the ‘Disable’ icon on the top right of the comment section. Once you’ve done this, you can choose all you’d like to delete.

While this method may sound easy enough, deleting comments in bulk in WordPress is a complicated process that requires a good amount of time. In order to remove spam and trolls, you should always keep an eye on your comment list and prevent trolls from commenting on your site. By utilizing bulk deletion tools, you can ensure that only the most relevant comments remain on your blog. You can save these to your site to keep track of them.

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