How to Create a Hype For New Video On YouTube By YouTube Premieres

All YouTube creators want their video to go viral as soon as they make their video public. But how to do that, how to create a hype for a new video before we launch it on YouTube. YouTube Premieres recently introduced this feature to create awareness among your audience before it goes in public.

This is one of the coolest features, YouTube introduced to create a hype of the video before it gets released.

YouTube Premier For Creators

You can use this feature if you are scheduling your video on upcoming days and you can set a premier which can be visible while scheduling the video on YouTube.

It will create a hype among your subscribers and they will note the date and time when the video is going to be public.

Same happens with the new YouTube series known as “Aspirants” which is based on the students preparing for the UPSC exam. Their first episode was a hit and the creators were aware the audience is waiting for the next episode. They created the hype of the next episode and also created a milestone that if we achieved the desired level of subscriber base then we will launch the next episode.

They used the YouTube Premier very wisely to gain the subscriber base and managed to get the hype for the season.

Live Streaming On YouTube

Coming live on YouTube can also impact the viewers. They want to see the glimpses of your next video. Come live and talk about the excitement and thrilling experience your audience is going to have after watching the video.

This will help the creator to create more hype about the video. Talk to the subscribers online. You can also create online live streaming with your team for gossip. Subscriber wants to know more and more about what happens behind the camera.

Collaborating with Other YouTubers

There are other YouTube channels which take interviews and collaborate with other YouTubers to create content. Reach out to them or invite them to take an interview. This is going to impact the hype as well as subscriber gain. Give chances to the new creators who have a moderate YouTube setup and are doing very well on YouTube.

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