How To Convert Images Into Editable Texts?

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In our fast-paced life, we need go-to solutions for various time-consuming tasks. One such important task is extracting texts from images. Sometimes we urgently need to convert images into editable text. And with the help of the document scanner app, you can anytime convert your scanned papers into an editable text.

When you find some wonderful sentences in a book, and when you want to quote something from an essay or article -you need to extract text. Scanner apps are very important for creative writers, advertising or marketing officers, and copywriters who always need such valuable quotes handy. They can easily get it from posters and articles with the use of best scanner apps.

So, here we share the OCR feature that has such brilliant capability of extracting text from images. And an excellent document scanner app that offers the OCR for free and many more other useful functionalities.

How Can You  Extract Editable Text From Any Images?

Extracting text from any image takes just a few moments when you use an intelligent image to text converter app. Let’s see how OCR operates and which app extracts the text perfectly.

Why Do We Need To Convert Image Into Editable Text?

An image to text conversion makes any scanned data searchable. A scanned image in its primary form is not searchable. You can make it searchable with Optical Character Recognition(OCR). When this technology recognizes text, it becomes an editable text.Now you can edit anything with this extracted text.

The OCR tool can help you to simplify your job. Many jpg to PDF converters give free text reading with the OCR tool. One such popular image converter app is FlashScan. This app offers an intuitive OCR that accurately performs conversion. Before exploring the FlashScan, let’s see what are the benefits of OCR tools.

  • Advantages Of Using An OCR Tool:
  1. OCR makes your document’s data searchable within seconds.
  2. It limits the chances of expensive data entry by directly taking the data you need from the document and placing it where it requires to go.
  3. Empowering you for totally new ways to process documents that can eliminate“human touches”,through reducing expenses and decreasing process times.  

How Can You Convert An Image Into Editable Texts With FlashScan App?   

FlashScan is the most prevalent image scanner app. This app gives precise conversion of images to editable text. Here is how you do it with this app.

  • First of all download the FlashScan app.
  • Choose the image you want to convert to the editable text.
  • Now open the FlashScan app and take the image from the gallery or take a photo of it with your device’s camera directly.
  • Open the image, tap on the OCR, and you are done! You have scanned the image.
  • FlashScan’s OCR is the most perfect text-extractor. It recognizes the text from the image and gives you an editable text in a flash.
  • You can use OCR for translation also. The transformed text can be translated from English to many other languages.

Why FlashScan Is The Best Scanner App With The Most Intuitive OCR Feature?

The best characteristic of the FlashScan app is it’s instinctive and detail-oriented text reading. It precisely reads the text from the image and makes it editable. FlashScan is not only an image scanner app, but it also has more to offer.

Here are a few other top-notch features that make FlashScan the best document scanner app.

  • FlashScan is a flawless document scanning app that scans all types of documents. You can scan bills, business invoices, Photos, and even your favorite book, it’s articles, etc with this app.
  • You can correctly read QR codes and Barcodes With FlashScan. You can share scanned results effortlessly with friends and clients.
  • Also, the OCR of this app is a master text converter. You can also translate text from English to other languages.
  • FlashScan also offers professional filters. Various filters can intensify your scanned results.
  • You can sort your documents by name and modification time using FlashScan.
  • Users can save, share, rename, and delete any files and folders with FlashScan.
  • You can also keep your frequently used documents handy by marking them ‘Favorite’. ‘Favorites Document’ is an easy way to access any papers.
  • Find out any document with the ‘Search’ feature.


With the most intuitive OCR feature of FlashScan you can easily convert any images  into editable text. Also, ease out your daily scanning requirements with brilliant features of this app. The process is simple- Just Scan, Save and Share!

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