December 8, 2022

How to choose keywords for website SEO?

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SEO is one of the basic and best technique for the marketing of the website. It can help business to promote their pages on specific keywords. It is really very important to have a plan in hand before you plan a SEO strategy for your business. One of the initial stage is planning for keywords you are planning to target and which page you are considering for specific keywords.

Most of the SEO experts ignore the fact of choosing the right keywords for the website initially and try to focus on those keywords which are already ranking in the search results.

It is one of the main step towards the SEO of the website. In this article we are going to share the best method to choose the keywords for any website you are planning for search engine optimization.

  1. Analysis of all keywords

First thing is analyzing and creating the list of handful of keywords which is related to your search query. Just create the list of all the keywords and refine them later as per your needs.

  1. Refining keywords

Once you created the list, the next step is to refine them as per you needs and what are you planning to in future. There are other factors also matter like search volume and keyword difficulty which needed to be considered while refining these keywords. Do always check what keywords your competitor to get an fair idea.

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