How To Change Your YouTube URL? 

When we start a YouTube channel our main focus remains on getting views and gaining subscriber base initially,but do we focus on our YouTube Channel URL? 

On creating a YouTube Channel, we automatically get a URL which consist of all the alphabets like this –

 What if i will tell you can create your custom URL like this –

Isn’t it cool?

However, there are some terms and condition you need to follow to create a custom URL, they are mentioned below:-

1. Your channel must have 100 subscribers to accomplish this task. If you have created a YouTube channel and are looking forward to getting a custom URL then you need to wait and gain 100 subscribers to get a trendy URL for your channel.

2. Your channel must be 30 days old in order to get this feature enabled.

3. Your channel must have a profile picture and banner picture to change the URL as per your requirement.

Steps To Get A Custom YouTube Channel

First you click on the channel profile pic button on the top right side top corner.

After clicking this button the drop down menu will open and there you need to choose the YouTube Studio option from this list.

By clicking YouTube Studio you need to find out customization options and click on basic information after clicking on customization option, you will find out the option of adding custom URL for your channel.

You have to check the availability for the URL you want to create and proceed with the unique one.

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