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We all are aware that the new feature of the google search console is out. There are many new things added into this which are useful as well as very effective for the webmaster to understand the website. First, the interface was changed so that it looks more appealing and now they are sending the email to the webmaster for the summary of the website.

google search console

Earlier google analytics was used to send these details to the website owner about the traffic report. But now google search console also sending all the details so that you can understand your website better and do the needful which is important for their website.

We will discuss in one by one what things are added in this mail for the google search console and how this can help the webmaster.

Clicks & Impressions

This mail indicates the total clicks and impressions you received from last month. This can help you to improve your click-through rate (CTR) which will ultimately help to grow traffic on your website.

Top Growing Pages

The next thing is the top growing pages that have received the most clicks on the web. You will get to know which pages are top-performing and you can update this content or add more value to the content. There are also top-performing pages that are basically received all the time.

Top Growing Queries

Queries basically mean keywords on which your website gets ranked in the google search engine. This report will show the top 3 queries from your website getting maximum clicks. Also, it will show top-performing queries all over the time same as top- performing pages.

Know Your Audience

After that, there is more information about the audience. This is a very important aspect as well so that you can generate content according to that. There are 3 things that are shared in this report.

Audience Device – This shows which device is used by the audience which is coming to your website. Either they are using desktop or mobile so that you can focus your website interface as per the device from which most traffic is coming.

Top Countries – This indicates from which country you are getting the most clicks. This shows the top 3 countries from where the audience comes to your website.

Google Search Type – This shows from which search clicks are coming. It can be from web/image/video. So it is very important to optimize the images and videos you are uploading in your content.

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