December 8, 2022

Google Panda Update 2011

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Google panda is the most popular update done by the Google in the history. This particular update is the most important and famous update done by the Google to punish the websites having very low quality or you can say thin websites.

panda update

Next Aim of this update to rank websites which are high quality and helpful for the users. Google always to want to provide the best information to the user. To solve this Google try to rank the results which are best for the users and contains all the information which user is looking for.

After The Roll Out

Once the panda is roll out, Google is flooded with the mails and complaints from the website owners. The complaint was websites having copyright or duplicate content is ranking in the search engine and other websites.

Panda update was announced on February 2011 and effect of this update can be seen in April 2011. There are many webmasters who were confused about this update as this was not clear what is the high quality and low quality content. There were many doubts that how this panda update is working to punish the low quality websites and give the chance to rank to high quality websites.

After this Google has updated on its blogs about the high quality content and share the points so that content creators and webmasters can understand what Google treat as a High quality content.

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