December 8, 2022

Google Helpful Content Update 2022

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Recently Google updated about the Helpful content update which is rolling out in upcoming days. Google keeps on updating the algorithms to provide the right and full information to the user. 

There are many content or pages available on Google which target the search engine to rank but Google wants the user oriented content which can be helpful for the user and they get all the information from that particular page.

Google generally tends to promote this page which is user oriented and helps the users to get the information they are looking for.

Google New Update

This update targets those URLs or pages which are not providing helpful content and the user is not finding the right content on these pages.These pages are providing content only for the search engines to rank in the search results.

The aim of this update is to affect these pages so that relevant and most useful content can come forward in the rankings.

Google also said that they want to rank high quality content instead of lower one. They keep on working on things which can give more advantage to the more useful content. This update is going to help content creators who actually post the right content and users who got all the information from one page.

There is also a forum created by Google where you can ask questions from the experts and hopefully your query will be answered.

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