Flying Beast Suspended After Raising The Concern Over Flight Safety Of Air Asia

Youtube sensation, Air Asia pilot, Fitness enthusiast and instagram influencer “Gaurav Taneja” better known as Flying Beast in digital world uploaded a video on YouTube recently questioning the safety measures taken by Air Asia Airlines during flight operations as suggested and recommended by DGCA.

What Happened?

From the last few days Gaurav shared in his vlogs how he is standing against the system for the welfare of the common people. Everyone is speculating that he is terminated from Job due to Covid pandemic breakdown but in his recent vlog he shared how he stood against Air Asia for not following the safety precautions and preventive measures during the flight.

In his latest uploaded titled “Reason Behind Suspension From My Pilot Job” he shared how he reported such critical issues of safety concern to higher management for Covid -19 but all his queries left unanswered.

He claimed that Air Asia was not following the guidelines and safety measures as approved by the DGCA and compromising with the safety of the passengers.

In this latest video he also talked about the different tactics and methods used by the airlines to save fuel and how targets are given to the Pilots to do the landing of the airplane to save more fuel.

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