Early Pregnancy Symptoms :16 Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Some days after ovulation (probably 4 to 19 days), contact with a partner during this period comes up with the manifestation of early signs of a possible pregnancy.

A pregnancy test helps to confirm the conception and stage of pregnancy with a 100% guarantee. You can completely rely on the pregnancy test results. However, it is better to move for a test if there is a menstruation delay – this interval within the menstruation cycle is not usually less than 28-30 days from the start of the last cycle since the probability to conceive is highest by 12 -16 days of the menstruation cycle. In rare cases, a woman may also conceive during menses.

& to 10 days after a woman conceives is the time when she starts to feel early symptoms and other signs of pregnancy.


  • 3rd week of pregnancy: this week the conception of the unborn baby takes place
  • 4th week of pregnancy: the woman already has a delay. You can do a test
  • 5th week of pregnancy: the baby’s heart begins to beat
  • 6th week of pregnancy: see what a 22-day-old human embryo looks like
  • 7th week of pregnancy: the baby begins to move!
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In any case, it is essential to know the early signs on behalf of which you can determine and make a decision whether to visit a doctor or a Gynecologist. Apart from the menstruation delay, 16 main factors indicate a high probability of conception.

Respiratory failure

If weakness flashes over you and going upstairs makes breathing and heartbeat fast – perhaps lack of oxygen may be the cause. The body of the woman initiates to reconstruct cells and tissues and supply required oxygen to the embryonic child, ultimately results in a breathing problem. However, a woman has to deal with such symptoms throughout the pregnancy period (not only in the beginning). This symptom shows up more frequently during the building of the baby’s body structure which exerts pressure on the mother’s diaphragm.

Increased Breast

Another significant sign includes heavy pressure on the chest – it becomes sensitive and heavier than before. A sensation of fullness and pressure appears on the front side down.

However, these symptoms may appear in some women, even they are not pregnant, due to the influence of the hormone progesterone in the second half of the menstruation cycle. This hormone prepares the female body to conceive for pregnancy.

Fatigue, Drowsiness

Do you quickly get tired now than before? That indicates the possibility of pregnancy. Besides, it becomes difficult to get up in the morning and pregnancy hormones work effectively during the baby growth, leaving the weakness in the mother’s body. In many cases, this state of drowsiness and fatigue vanish away by the end of the first trimester; disappear gradually, as like magic.


Nausea is another symptom that may appear before the menstruation delay. Although all women do not suffer from the early toxicosis, the vast majority of expected mothers have acknowledged this symptom which impacts significantly in their daily routine, especially in the first trimester.

However, nausea is one of the early signs, which can distract the mother immediately when the ovum begins to attach the uterus. The earliest a mother begins to feel nausea is 5-7 days after conception.

Frequent Urinal

Sometimes, a woman may frequently feel to discharge urine and suddenly rush towards the toilet in the early stages. Moreover, she could not go through continuous sound sleep all night. Her body starts to process and produce more fluids, consequently increases the load on the bladder.


In almost 90% of cases, headache is a common and frequent sign among pregnant women, but still it is not a prominent symptom since it can happen to anyone. When it comes to conception, it is a result of the hormonal activation. If you have not used protection measures during the last two cycles, painkillers without the doctor’s recommendation can have adverse effects on the baby’s emerging structure.

Back Pain

Is your lower back a little hurting? It could also be a sign of pregnancy if you are not prone to such ache before.

Uterine Cramps

Such irritating cramps start after ten days of conception in many cases. However, it does not only indicate the pregnancy but also appears when you are approaching menstruation – it is not hard to predict more precisely since other symptoms may support this sign. Besides, the uterus seems to make unusual sensations of heaviness, tingling, burning and contractions in it in half of the pregnancy cases.

Reduce Or Increase Appetite

If you feel some kind of sudden change in your preferences when it comes to taste buds, you may consider yourself to be tested for confirmation of pregnancy. Besides, you also suddenly begin to feel a ravenous appetite or a craving for foods; such feelings also indicate pregnancy.

Bloating And Constipation

You could calmly hip hop wearing your jeans last week, but you cannot do it today and find it so tight to wear the same jeans and it hurts your tummy. Note, pregnancy hormones probably slows down your digestive system; consequently, you are likely to feel diarrhea, constipation or flatulence. Moreover, fluid retention and more production make you feel bloating and heaviness in the stomach.

Differences Of Mood, “Emotional Swing”

Another sign ensuring the imminent start of menstruation or pregnancy is the emotional swing mood. In most cases, expected mothers become peevish during pregnancy. Such mood swings are temporary until the delivery and last slightly longer.

Sensitive Sense

If you suddenly become odors-intolerant and feel that you liked the same fragrance before the last cycle, this sign also explicitly elaborates the pregnancy possibility. Although hormones control the odors’ hypersensitivity, they are responsible for making you intolerant to some perfume or food throughout your pregnancy. 

Fainting And Dizziness

In some cases, the blood sugar level of a pregnant woman frequently reduces that causes temporary dizziness or sometimes fainting. Therefore, an expected mother must eat enough and drink more water and natural juices throughout the day periodically.

Implant Bleeding

Approximately seven days before the start of a new menstruation cycle, a pregnant lady sometimes finds blood spots on her underwear; one or several spots. In case of conception, such spots are not the indication of menstruation cycle ahead of schedule. It is certainly a sign of implantation activity of the fetus in the uterine cavity. A fertilized egg which is attached to the uterus wall literally penetrates into the small blood vessels causing mild bleeding.

Cold and Virus

During the first stage of the pregnancy, immunity of the pregnant woman decreases. The immune system gets suppressed and also the mother’s body prevents the damage to the fetus. Consequently, a woman becomes more susceptible to many viruses. However, the viral attacks complete their cycle without affecting the child if the mother intakes appropriate medication. Note that the self-medication can be disastrous, even Cannabidiol (CBD); it’s better to follow the doctor’s recommendations.

Menstruation Cycle Delay

The most severe and common sign among all others illustrated above is a menstruation cycle delay. Various early pregnancy signs and symptoms are controversial. However, a menstruation delay in a woman who has a routine sex life is already an important reason to visit a gynaecologist for a test.

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