Facebook Badges : Complete Overview and Its Importance

The role of socialization is very important these days.Socialization prepares everyone to participate in group discussion and enables you to share your own experience and knowledge.

The best way to socialize these days is social media, where millions of people like you are available to connect on social platforms. There are a number of platforms and groups you can join to start with.

The best and most popular way is “Facebook Group”. These are the places where you can join and start your discussion after taking approval from group admin.

Facebook groups enable group members to announce events, start group discussion and ask questions, comment and like the posts which are already shared. 

To keep this more attractive and interesting, Facebook gives a chance to win “Facebook Badges”. This thing really works for active participation of the members in order to achieve these badges.

We are going to discuss these badges, their importance and how you can achieve them to be the best and top rated member of the group.

Facebook badges are a great initiative to reward group members for active participation and providing value to the group.

These badges give you ideas about the group members to identify them like which one of them are moderator,admin and new group members.

So let’s start,

New Member 

This is the first badge of the facebook badge series. This is the first step in order to become the top rated member of the group. New member badges remain for 2 weeks. It will help other members to identify you as a new member. So get ready to receive a welcome wish from the group member.

Rising Star

If you are engaging and getting noticed in a group within the first month, you might get this badge. To do so,you need to comment, like and follow the conversation to get noticed and prove your existence. You need to engage with other group members to gain this badge.

Conversation Starter

If you have been rewarded with a conversation starter badge that means you are making an impact in the group and people are interested in your posts and content, you are posting in the group. 


This badge is given to veteran members who are often welcome to the new members. I feel this is a very special badge because you just need to track new members of the group and make them comfortable to share their point of views. There are two benefits of this badge: First you will get popular among new members and second,you will be rewarded with the greeter badge. 

Visual Storyteller

If you have some awesome videos and photos in your hard disk which are amazing and sharing them can boost your popularity then there is a probability that you get this badge. Just post your content in the group and engage with other members of the group. 

Link Curator

If you are providing value to the group by sharing some external links and information to the group members which is relevant to the group and enhancing the knowledge of group mates then you deserve this badge. It can be any authentic and right information relevant to the group niche.

Founding Members 

Founding member badge given to the members who are associated with the group since beginning. To recognize their efforts and hardwork. This is the best way to honour them.

Admin & Moderator

The admin and moderator badges given to the controller of the group who manage and control the activity of the group includes deleting irrelevant posts, content or any abusive content to maintain the decorum of the group.

Group Anniversary

It’s like a birthday celebration. Group members celebrate the day when a member entered a group. Like if you have completed a year whole group is going to celebrate it. Isn’t that awesome?

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