Everything You Need To Know About Harleen Sethi Breakup

Actress Harleen Sethi recently had a breakup with Uri star Vicky Kaushal, which was discussed a lot. Harleen said while talking that whatever happened was good.

Harleen recently spoke about her breakup in an interview and said that, to tell the truth, it did not bother me, but my family and my friends were definitely upset by it. Every human has its own distinct identity, Harleen Sethi said.

In no way do I feel inferior to the fact that I was in a relationship with a film star but I have not done a single film so far. I still love myself. And I would love to be recognized as Harleen Sethi. 

Harleen recently appeared in the web series ‘Broken and Beautiful’ in which her work was highly appreciated. Harleen was asked whether the turmoil in her personal life helped her work in this web series? To this, Harleen said, ‘I think it is important for an actor to experience all kinds of emotions in a resilient life. In a way, whatever happened, it was good that it happened ‘

Vicky Kaushal told himself single

Actor Vicky Kaushal said in an interview some time back that he is single. During the interview, he was asked whether he was single. To this, he said, Yes, absolutely single. Look at this alone.

Prior to his breakup, Vicky spoke openly about his relationship in several interviews. He also confirmed his relationship in Koffee with Karan.

Actress Harleen Sethi was furious when Vicky Kaushal was called X

Actress Harleen Sethi became an internet sensation after the dance video went viral on social media with choreographer Melvin Loyce. 

She went on to say, ‘I think it would not be fair to call anyone else my ex-boyfriend.’ Recently, an online portal released a video about 10 things related to Harleen Sethi.

To cope with the depression, Harleen is spending more and more time with her family, who have been standing with her in every situation. 

Between Vicky and Harleen’s breakup, there are reports that it was due to the actor’s growing proximity to Katrina Kaif. At the same time, Vicky’s name was also being added to Bhumi Pednekar.

Some Benefits of Breakup

You have understood how important it is to be beautiful, fit and popular after a breakup. Even after the breakup, the game has crossed even more, not just the case close. You have to show him what he missed. You look better than ever.

During the relationship, you had confined your world to that but now you are in the open sky. Living life according to their own No permission is needed. Right is a selector of wrong. You are surprised by how much people want to talk to you because no seal was imposed on you.

Now you can go according to yourself. You have to take every decision yourself.

You like this form of yourself and it is clear that people are also liking you.

You overlooked many flaws in the past relationship.

Seeing things in front, you could not react. You felt stupid but now you can understand the actions of others and answer them in their language.

Admittedly, in the beginning, you raised questions about your own importance, but when you realized that people like you very much, you understood your value. It is called real love for oneself.

You played a special relationship. You have got such an experience that no one else in life can give you. Whatever has happened to anyone, you have learned from your experience. Now you do not have to consult for anything.

There was a time when someone took advantage of your innocence. In the movies, you took this relationship as the reason for love as the biggest sacrifice, but you have changed when you have got your way of goodness. You have thought that you will no longer be innocent.

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Till a while back, she and Vicky were dating each other. After this, Vicky was seen several times with Katrina. It is being speculated that he is now dating Kat. But both have kept silent.

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