Enough Reasons for You To Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365

For every successful organization, using either a traditional or a next-generation ERP or CRM system is imperative if they are to meet their strategic goals. As of 2020, with so many ERP and CRM systems having been tried at very different levels and plenty of them having failed to live up to expectations, the one that has emerged as the undisputed ERP and CRM suite among all is Microsoft Dynamics 365. Not only does it offer a 360-degree vision of all the insights and processes of one’s business operations but also assists sales and marketing teams in standing out amongst all competition.

The best thing about Microsoft Dynamics 365 is that it offers great functionalities, security and performance empowering organizations to both scale and modify their solutions as per the changing business environment. Give below are some reasons which should be more than enough for you to opt for Microsoft Dynamics 365 as your ERP and CRM suite:

  • Centrally Stored Data: Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows you to centralize data by facilitating an integration with other applications, cloud services and external data sources. These would be accounting databases, email marketing, websites, surveys etc. Centralized data helps you effortlessly identify your strengths and weaknesses in addition to helping you measure your performance against tangible data metrics for better decision making.
  • Loyal Clientele: Businesses retain customers when they deliver good experiences time and again consistently. For this, they need a software that integrates sales, marketing and customer service into one solution making it easy for concerned personnel address all three (3) without much effort or wasting time. Microsoft Dynamics 365 does precisely that. With all these modules closely integrated and connecting every source of customer information across all communication platforms such as integrated webchat and self-service portals, organizations get the ideal platform to build a loyal clientele.
  • Possible Integrations and Data Security: Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrates Office 365 and other Microsoft platforms as well, paving the way for higher efficiency and productivity. Whether you implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 in Sydney or London or in any part of the world, it will easily integrate with other applications such as Outlook, Excel and Word. Moreover, it will also integrate with other CRM applications such as SAP and Sales Force. As far as data security is concerned, Microsoft has always been known to prioritize customer data above everything else. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the epitome of security and compliance, with the suite meeting the EU privacy criteria which includes GDPR and keeping all customer data safe within cloud.
  • Automating Processes: Microsoft Dynamics 365 is your end to put a definitive end to manual and repetitive tasks. Microsoft has built Dynamics 365 in such a way that that its in-built workflows create rules for processes that can be customized based on a business’s specific requirements. End users get notified and the approval process too becomes easy. Thus, organizations using Dynamics 365 can always maintain high data quality and look forward to successful outcomes.
  • Easy Accessibility and Usability: Microsoft has developed other applications as well that synchronize with Microsoft Dynamics 365 from Windows, Android and iOS devices for maximum productivity, as Dynamics 365 keeps cross-functional teams on the same page making it easy for them to collaborate and deliver together. In terms of usability, Microsoft has built products with similar interfaces, meaning users of Microsoft Windows will find it familiar when they work on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for the first time.
  • Licensing: Microsoft has made it very easy for end users to obtain a license for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Transparent cloud licensing, set monthly billing patterns and paying only for what every user needs are three (3) very powerful reasons to persuade any organization to switch to Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The reasons mentioned above should be more than enough to make a strong statement for Microsoft Dynamics 365 as your choice of ERP and CRM in the immediate future.

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