December 8, 2022

Do You Really Need Extended Car Warranty For Your Vehicle?

extended car warranty

Extended Car warranty is also known as service agreement or service contract offer some extra benefits while booking a car. It ensures some extra benefits from the standard warranty. It can be offered by the manufacturer or distributor. Most of the time distributors offer extended warranty at very cheaper rates from the market in order to influence more sales and customers.

extended car warranty

The best benefit of extended car warranty is that you do need to worry about the regular breakdowns or any other issue depending upon the points covered by the warranty. Its terms and conditions sometimes differ from original warranty provided by the sellers.

What Do Extended Car Warranty Covers?

You need to be extra cautious while going for extended car warranty. Normally Extended warranty do not cover things which are covered in original warranty cover for first year. Like extended warranty do not cover regular maintenance of the cars. 

You can include these things or extra add on while for extended warranty. However the more you add on more premium you need to pay for the same. Try to negotiate with the car dealer to fetch the best deal in minimum budget.

Warranty Cover Time

There are both options available when it comes to the extended warranty time period. You can take for a year or so and you can cover it for the particular kilometers.For example you can take it for a year or for 10000 kms whichever is convenient to you. 

If you are planning to drive more than you take the kilometer option otherwise year wise option is best suitable for you.

Advantages of Extended Car Warranty

Extended car warranty going to save lots of money when it comes to the  parts replacement. As you have already paid for it so it’s not going to put pressure on you at a sudden breakdown of your car.

You can cover as per your needs depending upon the running time of your vehicle. It’s always advisable to consider this factor before possessing any car. It will help you in long term.

The best thing about the extended car warranty is flexibility. You can design or consider points as per your requirement and needs. It plays a very important role and saves your few bucks when we target specific points under warranty.

For example,the original warranty provided with the car is around 3 or 5 years.If you are planning to own a car for 7 years. You can take a 5 years warranty + 2 years extended warranty and customized it as per your requirement.

However, the warranty provided by the car dealer is a bit more expensive than the local provider. Reason behind this is that dealers are supported by the OEM of the brand. OEM supplies the genuine spare parts to the dealer which are particularly designed for the car brands. Local dealers might attract you with cheap warranty and some extra benefits but the network of OEM dealers is huge. They can provide services all around the clock and anywhere.

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