Designing a Vastu-Complaint Home Kitchen

A variety of energies dominate your home, but your home kitchen is the space that can attract most of these energies, both bad and good. So, when remodeling your home kitchen, you must follow Vastu’s few crucial rules to enhance the aura and make it the space of positive vibes and energies. From minor placement changes to changing layout plans, you can do many things in your kitchen remodeling project to make it Vastu-friendly. Here is some important Vastu for Kitchen that you have to consider when remodeling your home kitchen to make it Vastu-Friendly.

Layout Plan for Home Kitchen

According to Vastu guidelines, the house’s southeast direction is the best location for constructing your home kitchen. It is the direction dominated by the fire element, and designing your kitchen in this direction can prove to be fruitful for your home kitchen. So, choose a corner in the southeast direction of the house for designing your kitchen. If other rooms occupy the house’s southeast direction, consider the northwest direction, which also works well for the home kitchen.

Kitchen Entrance 

Ensure that the entrance of your home kitchen is not in any corner. Like the kitchen layout plan, you also need to consider the best location for constructing the kitchen entrance door. As per Vastu experts, the best direction for the kitchen entrance is in the west, north or east direction of the room. So, ensure that the door is installed at any of these kitchen directions to attract positive energy. Avoid constructing the door at the corners of the kitchen.

Placement of Cooking Stove 

As mentioned, the southeast direction is dominated by the fire element, and the best direction for placement of a gas stove is the southeast of the kitchen. The gas stove is the important appliance of any kitchen, and it must be placed in the right direction to make cooking a healthy experience. The cooking stove must be in the southeast direction as the fire element governs it and ensure that the person cooking meals must face the east direction while cooking. It is the auspicious direction as per Vastu.

Placement of Sinks

Taps and sinks in the kitchen are used for water and washing dishes, and you must install them in the right direction of the room. The northeast direction of the kitchen must be used for the placement of sinks and taps. Avoid placing the sinks or taps close to the cooking stove as water and fire repel, and it may bring negativity in the room.

Windows and Ventilation

Windows are important in the home kitchen as it helps to flush out the negative energies from the kitchen. So, always consider the Vastu for Doors and Windows to choose the right direction for the placement of windows and doors in the kitchen. Apart from windows, exhaust or ventilation is needed, and they must be positioned in the east direction of the kitchen so that all negative energies can flow out of the space. The same direction must be considered for the placement of the windows in the kitchen.

The Right Colour Scheme

As per Vastu, bright color schemes are always a better choice for the home kitchen, including green, orange or red. Black or other dark shades are inauspicious for the home kitchen, and it must be avoided. Choosing bright shades and hues not only make your kitchen Vastu-friendly but also make the space pleasant and trendy.

Placement of Kitchen Appliance 

Refrigerators are the primary and most important kitchen appliance, and it is increasing in size day by day. So, finding the right direction for the placement of the refrigerator is important. The room’s southwest direction is best suited for placement of the refrigerator and other electronic kitchen appliances, including microwave, griller, toaster, and more. Avoid placing the electronic kitchen appliances in the northeast direction or corner of the room. The southeast direction of the kitchen can also be used for the placement of electronic appliances.

Plus, the modern kitchen storage units must be in the western or southern walls of the kitchen where utensils, crockery, and food grains can be stored. Cabinets and storage units must be installed on walls, and avoid installing them on the kitchen’s northern or eastern walls.

So, these are the Vastu tips that you must consider when remodeling your home kitchen and make it Vastu compliant.

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