Craigslist – Best American Classified Advertisements Website?

Craigslist is an American based advertisement website which acts as a mediator between the advertisers and the customer. There are various classified categories available on this website Like Jobs openings, Property for sale, Professional services and many more.

This advertisement website supports different languages like Spanish, French, German, Italian.This site covers more than 700 cities and there are some US states which have their own craigslist websites for example Delaware, Wyoming and Colorado western slope.

How Craigslist Started?

Craigslist creator ‘Craig Newmark’ wanted to help the people. He used to see people helping each other in fun, entertainment activities and festivals. He decided to create some platform so that people can connect with one another if they need to do so for their personal requirement or work or they can hire someone from this platform.

As Craig was working as a software engineer, He decided to list software engineer services on this website. So that anyone needing any technical support or any designing help related to software can connect them in the San Francisco Bay Area initially.

Soon enough this idea got famous and received lots of appreciation from the general public who wanted to avail the services and it also reinforced the businesses who wanted to provide their services via online platforms.

Service providers started posting their professional services on this platform and the public started to connect with them and it was a win-win situation for both of them. Even companies also started posting job opportunity to hire people from this platform and job seekers also started uploading their resume on craigslist to get a job offer.

During this time Craig realised that Craigslist needed more time and a new design to add more categories as demanded by the people. He decided to leave his current job and started giving full attention to the craigslist. He was fully aware that he needs more people to run this idea.

There were only 9 people working for this best advertisement company by the end of April 2000.

Jim Buckmaster, the current CEO of the company was appointed as a lead programmer of the company at that time. Jim’s contribution led this website to the new level, He has worked on multi architecture, Flagging system, Search engine, Homepage design and personal sections of the website.

Jim became the CEO of this company in November 2000 and later on managed to expand the business of this company to some other cities. After a couple of years this company started operating in different states of the United states.

To manage the daily operation and become financially stable Craigslist decided to charge $25 per post for uploading a post related to job openings for New york. This is also the main source of earning for the company today.

Jim Buckmaster also stated in one interview that the main aim of the company is to help people by giving them what they need. Still most of the services are free on this site. Still people can post their services for free on this amazing platform.

Craigslist also working with different non profit organization to take their services to different level so that their service can be availed and enjoyed by the user easily by searching on the internet.

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