Celestia Vega : Biography and Career

Celestia Vega is one of the famous YouTube stars at the age of 21.She was born on 12 August 1998 in New York City, USA. In addition to YouTube, She has a great fan following on Instagram. In 2015 she started streaming gaming and got famous among the youths. At one point she also gained attention when she posted some adult content and attracted male following.

After entering porn industry she deleted all her social media accounts and was not not using any social media handles for a while. In march 2019 she came on social media and informed her fans that she is doing fine. Nowadays Celestia is available on twitch.

Education, Early Life and Family

Celestia always kept her family life private and did not share much information. She always took care of the privacy of her family members, being a controversial star she never ever let these things pass to her family.

She completed her education from hometown school. This is still confusion whether she completed her schooling or not as there are rumors that she dropped out from the school.

In her video “50 facts about me” she tells about how she was bullied during her school time and did not have any friends during school time. Celestia tells how she used to escape these things and devoted her time to video games.

Fond of music she learnt playing acoustic guitar from classical music school for 8 years. She displayed her talent in various streaming sessions.As a teenager she spent most of the time in online gaming and made lots of friends from online streaming apps.

Gaming Career : Celestia Vega

Love for the games took Celestia to YouTube and Twitch in 2015 to start online game streaming. Initially she started with “ Animal Crossing: Wild World” and “The Elder Scrolls” which were very popular games at that time.

To diversify her audience she also tried her hands on “Minecraft” and “Runescape”. In fact, She is the one of the first streamers to promote “ League of Legends” online. Her streaming sessions used to be very long. Interesting part is that her fans were loving this. Soon enough Celestia gained a significant number of subscribers in a very short duration of time.

Celestia also enabled a subscription membership button for her fans which costs $5 to $25 which enables members access to exclusive content Celestia posts.

In a matter of time this idea worked and people started joining the membership program and she managed to earn a good amount of money from it.This was more than enough to motivate her and progress her career in the game streaming.

Meanwhile she came in contact with famous YouTuber and Gamer Zoie Burgher. She quickly joined Luxe Gaming which is the pool of gamers. Collaborating with other gamers made her more popular among game lovers. In addition to that she also started uploading videos of herself other than gaming which is liked by her followers.

Entry Into Porn Industry: Celestia Vega

It is believed that she became a cam model when she turns 18. This move made her more famous and fans were ready to pay any amount to see her strip on camera. After that she came in contact with a talent agency which promotes models in porn industry and soon enough Celestia managed to get a verified profile on PornHub.

Social Media : Bye Bye

In 2018, She wrote “ I am Done” on her social media profiles and deleted all the social handles which she was using. Her fans were shocked due to her sudden action but in March 2019 she came to social Media by posting a Video on YouTube titled “I am Back” in which she is talking about her life experiences and why she left social media.

Hobbies and Interest

She loves to watch horror movies and soccer games. In her various videos uploaded on YouTube she also showed interest in Singing.

Net Worth Of Celestia Vega

Total net worth of Celestia Vega is estimated to be more than $200,000 as per 2019. Most of the money she made was from Twitch donations which her fans donate. She also made some money from entering into the adult industry.

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