Best Youtube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face in 2021

We always get motivated and feel encouraged when we see different content creators working on YouTube and earning good income from YouTube.

There are multiple ideas and category we can focus on to start our YouTube journey but some of us might do not want to show their face on YouTube due to any reason.

Maybe you are shy or hesitate to show your face. You might be thinking about what other people think when you start making videos.

In this article, we are going to share the YouTube channel ideas without showing your face. If you are planning to make a video without a face then you have to come up with an interactive idea to showcase your talent.

Your video must have all the information that you want to tell the viewer. It all depends upon your video content how you want to showcase it.

1. Story Telling

If you are interested in history and love to share your knowledge then YouTube can help you to expand your audience worldwide. Collect all the information available and create an informative and facts rich story for your subscribers.

You can use images in the background or videos which are free to use on the internet. Do not forget to use the genre of the music related to the theme of the story. Search online and present a nice story. Start reading books you can easily get content.

2. Education

Education is a billion-dollar industry and online education is growing at a very faster rate. Be a part of this growing industry and enjoy the benefits of this industry.

Choose the right subject in which you have a strong grasp. You can teach anything you want to your subscribers. It can be a YouTube suggestion if you know in and outs of the platform. If you are a digital marketing expert then you can share the best techniques to follow to grow in digital marketing.

This is the best idea to start your YouTube channel without showing your face. You can instead use ppt and well-designed notes on the screen to give maximum to your viewers.

3. Gaming

Cast your gaming love on YouTube by playing online. There are hundreds of gamers playing online and earning a handsome income online. However, competition is high in this category. But your playing skills can stand you out in the pool of gamers.

Choose the game in which you are best and ready to compete with others. You can collaborate with other YouTuber’s which are already have a strong base on the channel.


Most of us have learned to make some nice dishes in the lockdown last year and hopefully, we all have managed to gain some extra weight.

Cooking is also the best YouTube channel idea without showing your face. There is no need to show your face, you can focus your camera on the platform where you are preparing your dish. You can use your voice in the background.

Choose the best dish as per the season. You are also going to enjoy the dish after the video shooting is over.

5. Product Unboxing

Product unboxing is the same as cooking. Choose the best category and get ready to unbox.

You can choose the right products as suggested by the subscribers. You need to be updated with the trend on YouTube.

There are multiple technical YouTuber’s are doing very good on YouTube. Just focus on the right product and do not forget to keep in touch with the subscribers.


YouTube is a great option if you are planning to start, just be patient and keep working hard. Things take time but you will sail through. With the passage of time, you can share your face if you want to, that would add advantage and customer interaction with your channel.

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