Best Inverter AC In India 2020

Are you planning to purchase an air conditioner? Confused about which inverter AC is best and what is inverter technology then this article is for you. In this article we will share the best inverter AC in India 2020.

Inverter technology is the latest technology introduced in the HVAC industry for residential AC’ first and then used in commercial AC also.

Talking about the power consumption, Inverter AC consumes less consumption then fixed speed AC and has a longer life as compared to the conventional AC.

Now there are multiple factors which needed to be checked before you spent some extra money to choose the best Inverter AC.

Some of the factors are :-

  1. Running Hours – If you are running AC more than 5-6 hours continuously then you must go for Inverter AC. 
  2. Low Cooling Loss – If Cooling loss is low then you can consider AC.

Major difference between Inverter AC and Fixed Speed AC is Fixed speed AC runs on fixed speed either on 0% or 100% depending upon the load but inverter AC runs on different speed ranges from 0 to 100% as per the load condition.

I have already shared the top and best 5 fixed speed ACs.Now I am going to list down the best 5 inverter AC available online in India.

1. Carrier Inverter AC 

The inventors of air conditioning and the most trusted brand in air conditioning industry is Carrier. This Inverter AC is the best and top choice for people who understand air conditioning very well. Carrier air conditioners are well efficient with higher cooling capacity.

Advantages of Carrier AC

  • High Ambient Working
  • Stabiliser-free Operation
  • Comes with 2.5 PM Filter
  • Refrigerant R-32
  • Refrigerant Cooling PCB
  • Leakage Detector

2.Daikin Inverter AC

Firstly, Daikin are one of the premium products in this segment and deserve to be on the second spot in this list. Daikin is the best selling air condition in India.

Secondly, Daikin machines are now manufactured in India only subsequently there is no problem with spare part availability.

Advantages of Daikin AC

  • Quiet Operation
  • Power Chill Operation
  • Coanda Airflow
  • Self Diagnosis for Quick Problem-solving
  • Econo Mode

3.Panasonic Inverter AC

Panasonic is japanese based MNC company and managed to gain entry in the race of best inverter AC in India.

Advantages of Panasonic AC

  • Twin Cool Inverter
  • MirAle Platform
  • Fast and Quick Cooling
  • PM 2.5 Filter
  • Temperature Indicator

4.LG Inverter AC

LG is also one of the biggest electrical appliances manufacturing companies based in South Korea.

WIth the passage of time, LG has managed to cope with the advancement of Inverter type AC. LG Inverter AC are worth buying in this segment. Above all there service centers are available in every corner of the country.

Advantages of LG Inverter  AC

  • Dual Cool technology
  • 100% Copper Condensor Coil
  • Smart Diagnosis
  • Himalaya Cool Technology
  • Low Refrigerant Detection

5.Midea Inverter AC

Midea inverter ac are the best in the segment when we are looking for the budget based best inverter ac online. On the other hand this AC is as efficient as other top branded air conditioner.

Carrier and Midea joint venture has introduced Midea AC in the market and is doing great in the commercial as well as residential segment.

Advantages of Midea Inverter AC

  • Dual Filtration
  • Stabilizer-Free Operation
  • Sleep Mode
  • Turbo Mode
  • Low Refrigerant Detection
  • Intelligent CRF Alert


These are the best inverter AC in India available online. These are the best AC available under this budget. 

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