Best Google Maps Marketing Strategy to Follow in 2021

Google is one of the largest search engines in the world and we all know how websites are getting a good amount of traffic from the search engine rankings. Same goes with google map listing strategy. 

Businesses can get a good amount of leads from google maps if optimized in the right way. It is very crucial now to follow the strategy for google maps listing to rank in google maps. Most of the traffic is consumed by the top 3 listings so you need to be on top 3 listings to grow your business online.

There are multiple factors which can help you to rank in the search engine but only few know how to follow them and use them in the right way.

In this article we are going to share how to optimize your google maps listing and what strategy you can follow to rank your listing in the search engine. You can also hire Google My Business Expert if you do not want to get involved in all this.

google my business marketing strategy

What Is Google Maps Marketing?

Google maps marketing is one of the best tools for online presence. Google map is also acting like a search engine to find the business in a specific area. Suppose you are looking for a grocery shop near you, Google Maps will find the best grocery shops near your specific location.

You tend to visit grocery shops from the top 3-5 listings after checking their reviews and photos/videos they uploaded on the listing.

Google map marketing plays a very important role here. More optimized your listing is, the more are the chances your business is going to be discovered by the users.

How To Create A Business Listing In Google Maps?

Google provides free tools to list your business on google maps known as Google My Business (GMB).

You need to register via Gmail for GMB. There is no need to create a separate mail or account for GMB to any other platform. You can access GMB as you can access YouTube From your Gmail account.

Fill all the details on GMB like:-

  • Name of the business
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Business operating horse
  • Description About the business
  • Logo and pics related to the business
  • Any other details

Be specific while uploading these details, information must be correct and precise. No mistake should be made here while filling in this information.

Filling all the details correctly is the most important task in google Maps marketing.

How to optimize your listing or marketing of GMB !

Optimizing your GMB listing is the next step after creating a GMB listing. There are multiple steps that you can follow to market your GMG Listing

Get Good Reviews

Tell your customer to review your business and be honest about posting reviews. Google can understand if reviews are done only to get a good star rating and can ban your listing from GMB.

Many business owners try this technique to get reviews, some are successful and some end up deleting their business from the GMB.

Posting Regular and Event Update

There is an option in GMB to post the latest updates or any event related to your business, you can update that in GMB.

For example you are running a grocery shop and giving a good specific discount, you can mention that in a post and upload images also with the text to get highlighted.

If you run a gym, you can post about any event or offer you are providing to your customer. Update regularly so that your user knows what is happening at your place.

Updating Images and Videos

Consistency is the key with google, regularly update the images and videos of your place in the GMB Listing.

For restaurants and clubs, this is the best technique to inform your user to know about the meals you are offering.


Posting regularly and updating any event on the GMB helps users to know more about your business. Do not get tired of posting, things take time on google. Just stay focused and provide the right information to the user about user business.

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