Best 5 Condoms In India 2020

A Condom is used to reduce the chances of pregnancy and to avoid sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms are used by both men and women as well.

Even the World Health Organization(WHO) considers condoms as the safest medicine needed in a health system.

Condoms come in different sizes and vary from 49 mm to 56 mm. They also come with different varieties of surface as per the user requirement.

In this article we are going to talk about the 5 best condoms available in India, In terms of quality, features and price.

1.Manforce Condoms : 

Manforce condom is one of the largest selling brands in India. These condoms are manufactured by mankind pharma which is the top leading pharmaceutical companies in the country.

These condoms are quality tested products and are available in all flavours. Due to their large manufacturing capacity, these condoms are easily available in the market. The cost may vary from Rs 8 to 12 each condom.

2. Durex Condoms :

Durex is one of the premium brands for condoms all over the world. They are the supplier of different variety of products which includes rings and lubricants for both genders. These products are designed to enhance the experiences and pleasure.

Durex condoms are thinnest condoms in the industry and they are extra sensitive condoms. These condoms are dermatologically tested and approved. These condoms come with lubricated rubber latex.

Prices for durex condoms vary from Rs 18-25 each.

3. Kamasutra Condoms :

Kamasutra condoms are manufacture by JK Ansell Ltd known as JKAL. Which is a joint venture between Raymond and Ansell limited. Kamasutra has a range of different flavours and textured condoms like dotted,ribbed and smooth etc

Kamasutra condoms price Starts from Rs 8 each.

4. Skore Condoms :

Skore condoms are manufacture by TTK group. This group deals in various segments like consumer durables, Pharmaceuticals. Skore condoms launched in 2012 and they are based in Chennai. 

Skore just does not deal in condoms only. They are also manufacturing lubes, pleasure enhancing gel for women and other products also. Skore condoms available in the price range of Rs 8-12 Each.

5. Moods Condom :

Moods Condom are available all over the globe in over different variants moods condom have a wide and exciting range. Price may range from Rs 8-12 Each. 

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