December 8, 2022

Best Beans Bags In India

best bean bags in india

Bean bags have become the new trend and furniture of every household. People started to buy bean bags over chairs and other sitting furniture. Whether it’s a showroom or household you can find bean bags very easily. Over the time usage of these items have grown and trending.

best bean bags in india

Due to the multiple benefits like classy look,comfortability and low cost,people are most likely to buy the bean bags over other expensive and bulky furniture. In this article we are going to share the top and best 5 bean bags available online on amazon.

1. Solimo XL Bean Bag Cover

This is one of the best and most selling bean bags available on amazon. This product has been given a best seller tag most of the time whenever we check the amazon website.

The look of the bean bags is amazing and comfortable to use. Leatherette fabric provides more strength and versatile looks which make this product more durable and flexible to use. The fabric of the product is stitched two times to improve the strength.

This bean bag is available in different sizes as per the usage of the customer. You can order it as per the weight and height of the person you are ordering for. If you are planning to buy it for a showroom or shop, you must order XXL size to ignore any future problems.

2 .Orka Classic

Artificial leather used for this product to design the outer layer of this bean bag. This bean bag is so designed to give the best comfort level to the person who is sitting on it. The good thing about the product is availability in different colors. You can order it as per the interior design of the room and color combination so that it can enhance the look of your room.

Manufacturer also claims that this bean bag can handle weight upto 90 kgs which is a good thing when you are looking for a bean bag for big guys.

3.KJ Clean Bag

KJ Clean bag is one of the premium quality bean bags available on amazon. Seller of this item claim this product to be high and durable quality which can be seen by the number of high quality reviews given to this product.

It takes around 2.5 kgs beans to fill this bag. There are also two handles provided on the surface of this bag to carry or wash this bean bag.

4. NV Bean Bag 

 Leatherette fabric with double stitching gives this product more strength and durability. There is double protection with zipper and Velcro to avoid spilling of beans.

Beans requirement for this product is around 1.8 kgs to 2.0 kgs. This product available in three different colours are red,black and brown.Total weight of the bag is 998 gms without beans.

5. VSK Bean Bag

Total weight of the product is 979 g without beans. Total rating of this product is 4 out of 5. Other features and specifications are normal and same as mentioned above.

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