Best 5 Websites for Image Submission On High DA Websites

We all want to create high-quality backlinks to get some authority and referral traffic from authority websites. Image is the best option rather than texting because graphics are more engaging as compared to the normal text.

Image submission is an important task when it comes to conveying your message to a large audience. For search engine optimization purposes image submission also plays very role to create backlinks on high-quality websites.

In this article, we are going to share about the best 5 Image submission websites with good DA and PA

1. Diigo

Diigo is one of the best websites for the image submission. The DA of the website is 89 and PA is 75. You can also post pdf and social bookmarking on this website.


Tumblr is also the most popular website on the internet. The DA of the website is 85 and PA is 100. This website should be on your list when it comes to the image submission.

3. My Space

The DA of the website is 95 and PA is 82.

4. Pearltrees

The DA of the website is 83 and PA is 72. You can also add a website link here for social bookmarking and you can also submit a PDF submission on this website.

5. Pinterest

This is the top-rated website on the Internet when it comes to image sharing. The DA of the website is 94 and PA is 96. There is a different strategy to work on pinterest.

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