December 8, 2022
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Best 5 Trending Reels in 2022


Reels are the most consuming content nowadays and there are thousands of reels uploaded on the Internet on daily basis. This is also the best source to engage a large audience using the right background and tags. Using the audio is the key here, Once your reel is live this is almost certain that the audio you are using in the background going to make it viral.

Engagement is the key afterward. Once you are getting impressions it means you need to engage the audience with the content you are creating.

In this article, we are going to share the best and top 5 Instagram Audio that is trending on the platform and you can also make a reel on it to make it viral.

The Good Part by Ajrbrothers

This is one of the top most audio on the internet. There are more than 7.6 million views on YouTube of this song and the audience loves it. Using the right video strategy you can make it work.

Love Your Voice by Jony

There are more than 112 million views on this song on YouTube and still counting. This song is available on the YouTube channel Atlantic Records Russia. So do not forget to add this to your list for the next reel.

To The Moon by JNR Choi

This audio music is uploaded by channel name Shadow Music on YouTube and there are more than 5.9 millions views. Create amazing reel using this audio and surprise your friends with it.

Bijlee Bijlee Song by Harrdy Sandhu

This is song is trending all over the reels in India. This is a punjabi song and making a new records on the social media platform. There are thousands of reels available on the Instagram and most of them are getting good number of views.

Tokyo Drift

This is all time favourite tune for making reels. Do not forget to add this in list and create content which can go viral on the internet with this audio.

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