Best 5 AC To Buy In 2020

Nowadays Air Conditioner has become the basic necessity of the human being, gone are the days when it was treated in a luxury section. There are number of AC brands available in the market with different features. Taking many facts into consideration we have selected best 5 split air conditioner depending upon the cooling capacity,airflow,Energy efficiency ratio,power consumption and cost.

 5. Voltas

Voltas 1.5 TR/ 3 Star BEE Star Rating 2018 is famous and popular brands in AC . The name of the model is 183 CZA. Voltas AC are very economical and reliable. The Coils are made of Copper that effects the life of AC. The EER of this Machine is 3.51.


4. Hitachi

Hitachi 1.5 Ton 3 Star BEE Rating 2018 Split AC Model – RSB/ESB/CSB-318MBD is absolute and perfect AC.The Cooling Capacity of this model is 5500 W with R-22 Refrigerant. The power consumption of this AC is 1485 Watts. The EER of this machine is – 3.7 .


3. Daikin

Daikin 1.5 TR/3 Star AC machine comes with 5200 W cooling capacity. The uniqueness  about this AC is that its refrigerant is R-32,which have much higher cooling capacity than R-22 and R-410a. The condensing and evaporating coils are made of copper. The EER of this AC is 3.25. Operation range between 19.4 to 50 Degree Celsius.


2. O-General

O-General have much higher cooling capacity than other AC, so as the cost. These AC comes with Anti-corrosion Treatment for ODU and Heat Exchanger Fins, Long Pipe, Large Outdoor Fan. Power consumption of this AC is 1510 Watts.


1. Carrier

Carrier are the inventors of AC they do not require any introduction.Carrier is known all over the world for its efficiency and on time services. Why Carrier is No.1? because Carrier only focus on the basic needs of the customer not on the fancy things plus Carrier have division companies like Totaline and Camipro to supply the spare parts. Last year Carrier Launched the new outdoor unit for split AC Called Cyclojet which have very unique advantages.

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