Benefits Of Omega 3 Fatty Acids – 7 Science Based Benefits

Omega 3 fatty acids have ultimate health benefits and are very important for our body and brain. Omega 3 fatty acids also known as  omega 3-oils or w-3 fatty acids. They play a very important role in the human body. 

Our body cannot produce them by itself so we need to take them from our diet. Foods which have a high value of omega 3 fatty acids are fatty fish, walnuts and fish oils. There are multiple health benefits of taking these essential fatty acids. 

Omega 3 fatty acid

So here are the 10 science based benefits of omega 3 fatty acids which are mentioned below –

Best For Skin

Omega 3 is beneficial for good health of cell membranes which ultimately results in soft and wrinkle free skin. It also protects your skin from sun damage.

During Pregnancy

Taking omega 3 fatty acids during pregnancy has numerous health benefits for your child. It also results in higher intelligence and good behaviour skills for your new born baby.

Improve Quality Of Sleep

Good sleep is as important as a good diet. For a healthy lifestyle you need to give proper rest to your body. It has been found that children having low levels of Omega 3 Fatty acid generally have problems with sleep disorders.

Taking a good level of Omega fatty acids consequently improves a good quality of sleep.

Joint and Bone Health

Omega 3 improves the amount of calcium in your bones and therefore improves bone strength. 

In order to avoid joint and bone pain, It’s better to maintain a healthy level of Omega 3 Fatty acid.

Mental Disorder

As per the research, People suffering from mental disorders have been reported with low omega 3 levels.

It has been reported that regular intake of fatty acid is helpful to control the frequency of mood swing. 

Fight Inflammation

Omega 3 fatty acids contain some organic substances which can reduce the level of inflammation. Long term inflammation can result with some other problems taking omega 3 can avoid it.

Healthy For Eyes

These acids are very useful for your eyes. Omega 3 keeps your eyes healthy and reduces the risk of eye blindness and eye damage.


There are multiple health benefits of taking Omega 3 fatty acids, It’s always recommended to take them from organic food like Fish and walnuts.

However, there are many supplements for omega 3 available in the market. You should consult your doctor and physician before you start taking them. 

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