Amazing gadgets of 2020

Hypervolt plus Cordless Vibration Massager

This is an all new approach in the massage technology. It’s able to deliver massages that go deep beyond the muscles and provide a much better relief thanks to its high max power and torque. It’s engineered in such a way that it syncs with the human body perfectly. It is light weight, durable and its ergonomic design makes it perfectly easy to use and it even has proprietary Technology to ensure silent running with sensors for feedback in real time to give an overall better sense of the whole process giving you the best possible experience at the comfort of your own home.


The LG OLED RX is one of the most advanced screen available on the market and is on a class of its own in terms of the technology used and the overall aesthetics. It comes with 4K resolution out of the box. It’s the first TV that literally fits into your space available because of its rollable technology thanks to its Self-Lit LEDS. It has g-sync, HDR support, 100/120 Hz refresh rate and its own processor allowing for unprecedented freedom and control all in the space you desire. What makes it even better is the extra discount using Tatacliq promo code to set up your perfect screen.


There is no denying that digital is the way to go. The fuzecard takes it one step further by combining all your cards into one card. One first look it looks like your normal credit card but it has a paper thin screen which displays the details and the barcode. You simply have to scan the required card through the default card reader which sends the data into the card and it saves it. Then simply use the card as whichever card you need. Its water and dust resistant and lasts a whole month on a single charge making it your go to Card be it credit or debit.


There is no better time than now to say the future is here. Because it is. The gadget that will finally help us to feel what we want to feel. Isn’t this what we’ve all been dreaming about? Designed by HapBee technologies, HapBee is a wearable gadget that simulates natural molecular interactions that take place in our bodies. By creating artificial magnetic fields of a particular frequencies, HapBee is able to trigger a response that is similar to that of natural feelings, ultimately enabling us to stimulate the feelings of our choice. Though this product isn’t widely available yet, this wearable tech could possibly be revolutionary.

Google Pixel Buds

There was a time when Google was trying to establish itself as a potent gadgets manufacturer and Pixel buds helped Google achieve it. These were released along with the Pixel 2 XL during the times when demand for air pods was soaring high. Though it was a good start for the pixel buds, it didn’t receive much support because of the connection stability issues. Pixel buds 2 seem to have many of these issues corrected and has gained good support and reviews from the buyers. These new buds have a stabilizer arc to keep the buds in place. However, these have been said to cause slight discomfort after prolonged use. At a price of $179, these are a quite good choice if crisp audio and good bass are your thing. You can bag these buds with an additional discount using our Amazon India promo code, while these are still in stock. Go ahead and grab them.

WT2 buds

Ever struggled to understand a foreign language? Was the online translator taking too long to ask for directions? Struggle no more cause the WT2 buds are here to translate in real time! These buds are capable of 36 languages and 86 accents, which amounts to the languages used by almost 85 percentage of the world’s population. With translation accuracy of 95 percent, these pods are reported to perform pretty well in a typical work environment. The translator consists of two pods, which are encased and charged by an egg shaped container. So next time you plan on going out or ordering from that Chinese restaurant, all you need is a quick 30 minutes full charge and you’re good to go!

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