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6 Things You Need To Do Before Moving Into Your New Home

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During the move to a new house, excitement can play bad jokes, and it is easy to forget some important tasks. Some things should be done when the new house is still empty, that is before boxes and furniture take their place. Online you find useful resources like Pest Wiki that can save you a lot of trouble. 

Are you about to move to a new house or move to another city? Before you move, or if you’ve already moved, check this list to find out what should be done before settling down.

1. Make sure you have electricity, gas, water, and access to the Internet 

If the house was not previously inhabited, utilities will not be active on your arrival. Make sure that all your utilities are opened or registered in your name before taking possession of your new home. Many sellers are concerned about closing their sales, but they may not care to reactivate the utilities in favor of new arrivals. 

If you plan to see the games of your favorite sport, the Grands Prix of Formula One, or the last show on Netflix once the move has been made, it will be better to know first which company offers you the best service package or the best Internet connection in the area. Checking the address first to find out which providers are available is imperative.

2. Do a deep cleaning 

When the house is completely empty, it is the best time to do a deep cleaning. You can rely on specialists or do it yourself. But what to do in those cases where the house is partially furnished, or you notice something is wrong? In those cases, you may find it useful to consult sites like Pest Wiki that allow you to quickly identify lesser-known insects and threats such as carpenter bees.

3. Change the house locks 

This is a basic security measure; however, it cannot be done until after “the signature”. 

Regarding safety, I recommend immediately considering the installation of alarm systems, video surveillance or other tools that can help you sleep peacefully. 

You should not consider as much the nature of the neighborhood in which you live, as much as the level of personal satisfaction that will determine the tranquility with which you will make all your future decisions.

4. Addressing major renovations 

The last thing you want to do is to live with a much-needed renovation to do in the new home when you already live there. If you want to redecorate the house, change a sanitary, a fixture, or do other renovations, plan them in advance.

 Before the final signature, take action to carry out inspections and obtain estimates on times and costs for the interventions you deem necessary in your new home. You could save time and money in this way, but remember, unless otherwise agreed, you can start your work only when the house is yours! 

You can take inspiration from various resources for interesting ideas regarding the renovations to be done. You can find ready-made solutions on Wayfair. You can contact local professionals on mobile apps like Handy

5. Take out a home insurance policy 

Imagine waking up one morning with a broken boiler or washing machine leaking into your new home. A home warranty that covers the repair costs of many appliances and basic coverage may cost less than you think.

What would you do if after checking on pest wiki you had found clear signs of an infestation that spread to the tenant downstairs? Protecting your home from problems helps you in the long run. 

It could save you from sudden money losses. The more time you spend without protection, the more you are exposed to risks. Making an insurance policy in a new home could be more advantageous, and it is worthwhile to make some quotes immediately.

6. Know your new home 

Find out where your electricity, gas, water meters, and all the control panels are located. 

If you have seen several apartments or houses before making your purchase, you may underestimate this step and avoid making yourself a memo to keep at your disposal.

When the light goes out in the evening, or at night, it is much more difficult to move if it is not immediately clear what to do.

For the same reason, make the house child-proof if you have children

Thousands of children are hospitalized each year due to accidents at home. So before your kids start wandering around the house, take steps to make your new home completely child-proof. The resources mentioned, such as Pest Wiki, are used to allow you to have an overview of the possible problems that can be faced by moving house.

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