December 8, 2022

5 Things To Do in 2021

5 things to do in 2021

We all know and are aware of the pandemic hit in 2020 which has affected the core strength of our world and forced us to live in cubicle size rooms. I don’t want to talk more about it but I am having high hopes from 2021. I just wish I can go anywhere in the world next year and do whatever I want. There are lots of plans which I made during lockdown which I would like to fulfill in 2021.

But we should not forget what we have gone through and precautions we need to take care to save ourselves and our family. We always take new year resolutions at the end of the December for the next upcoming January. Most of the time our resolutions move around our health and fitness, traveling around the plant or spending time with family.

5 things to do in 2021

In 2021 our resolutions are going to be different and unique depending upon the current scenario all around the world.In this article i am going to share 5 things to do in 2021 which you can follow to have a safe and happy life ahead.

Wearing Mask All The Time

Face Mask is one of the new fashion trends in 2020 and more designs of the face mask yet to come in 2021.You must get one for yourself, might be you like a custom one having initials of your name on it. However I do not like wearing masks but I guess wearing a mask is one of the best things I can do in 2021 to avoid spreading this virus.

Avoiding Outside Food

One of the best things I like about an outside visit is eating street food but guess what I have not eaten my favorite Indian Samosa from the past 10 months. It was not an easy task but yeah i managed to do that without any fail. Whenever i had cravings i used to make something at home by learning from YouTube but still i have not managed to help my mother in daily routine food preparations.

We can prefer high hygienic food instead of anything you can see on the road. I still prefer to go Burger King instead of my favorite samosa.

Staying Fit

However I have avoided the gym for the past 10 months but I have managed to purchase a cycle in the lockdown. I am burning some extra fat and exploring my area while cycling. You can also prefer some yoga postures which can improve your strength and flexibility.

2020 already taught us “Health is wealth”. If you are taking care of your body then the body is going to take care of you.

Importance of Sanitizing

Well this thing is particularly the most important essential thing in the upcoming year. Even if you are planning to do business then start selling sanitizer. This field was a great opportunity. 

It’s really very important to sanitize your hands whenever you are coming home from the market or anywhere you are coming from. You can even use base soap to clean your hands.

Helping Needy People

The last thing is to help people around you. Last year many lost their jobs, still trying to get back to the job profile and somehow managing the expenses of the family.

There might be some people in your locality who lost their jobs or business not giving good returns. Try to help and support them. You will feel great and proud at the same time. Remember you can change someone life by just helping them in right direction.

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